Friday, September 20 2019 14:51
Ani Mshetsyan

Lebanon will help Armenia destroy Israeli drones

Lebanon will help Armenia destroy Israeli drones

ArmInfo. Lebanon will share with Armenia its experience in the destruction of Israeli drones.  Minister of Defense of Lebanon, Elias Bou Saab, announced this on  September 20 at a briefing in Armenia.

He recalled that Lebanon has a rather tense relationship with Israel.  The latter periodically uses drones to strike at Lebanon. Moreover,  for the last time, two drones launched by Israel nearly reached  Beirut.

"You also face similar threats. Your borders are also being violated  or threatened to be violated by drones.  We will help each other  overcome such challenges," the Lebanese defense minister concluded.

It should be noted that in the framework of military-technical  cooperation between Azerbaijan and Israel, Baku mainly purchases  UAVs, armored vehicles, electronic reconnaissance equipment, air  defense systems, and anti-tank missiles from Israel. Since 2018, the  Israeli company Aeronautics and the Ministry of Defense Industry of  Azerbaijan have been implementing a joint project of AZAD Systems to  create unmanned aerial vehicles in Azerbaijan. One of the recent  acquisitions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces has become, among other  weapons, 100 SkyStriker light and impact drones.

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