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Zaruhi Batoyan: the state will provide financial assistance to the  "Phased Overcoming Poverty" program by providing 500 million drams

Zaruhi Batoyan: the state will provide financial assistance to the  "Phased Overcoming Poverty" program by providing 500 million drams

ArmInfo.The Ministry of Labor and Social Security plans to allocate 500 million drams for inclusion of another 1000 families in the program "Phase Overcoming of  Poverty". The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of  Armenia Zaruhi Batoyan stated this at a press conference today.

The meeting was attended by World Vision Director of Armenia Zhirair  Edilyan and Executive Director of My Step Foundation Hovhannes  Ghazaryan, who presented new approaches to overcoming poverty and the  first positive results of work recorded in the framework of this  program.  Recall that according to the latest data from the  Statistics Committee of 2017, the poverty level in Armenia was 25.7%,  and extreme poverty was 1.4%.

<This month <World Vision Armenia> will assist us in retraining our  employees, after which, if approved by the government, the ministry  will allocate 500 million drams to include 1000 more families in the  phase- out poverty program>, Batoyan said, noting the importance of  so that social programs are implemented not only by public  organizations, but also by state resources.

<Often we ask ourselves the question: why do not we carry out such  programs with state support and why do not we turn them into state  policy? If a public organization managed to achieve results with  fewer resources, then why is it impossible to do this on a large  scale and with a systematic approach? That is why we want to develop  and implement new state programs. We are talking about programs that  encourage work, the provision of opportunities, and the development  of human capital. Unfortunately, there are not many such programs in  the state system>, the minister emphasized.

<We want to offer a similar program implemented with state funding,  in particular, in the field of livestock, the beneficiaries of which  will be about 1000 families. In addition, throughout the year,  long-term social assistance and consultations will be provided to  families included in the program with the aim of developing the  economy, managing and generating incomes, "Batoyan said.

She noted that the government's policy is focused on improving the  targeted orientation and effectiveness of social assistance programs,  as well as providing non-financial assistance to people in difficult  situations, developing opportunities, providing services, social  patronage, etc.

<We believe that having work is the main way to overcome poverty.  Labor promotion and job creation also enshrined in the government  program. Regarding the areas I have noted, we are pleased to apply  the experience of World Vision Armenia>, and we will also make this  approach a part of the policy aimed at overcoming poverty, "Batoyan  concluded. 

It should be noted that <World Vision Armenia> works with the most  vulnerable children and their families, helping to improve their  socio-economic situation and protect the rights of children.  <Many  years of World Vision experience allows us to argue that poverty is  overcome, but this is not the business of one organization or  structure. This can only be achieved through partnership, the active  participation of all interested state and non-state parties,  including families living in poverty. I am glad that today the  Armenian government is leading this process, creating an opportunity  for more people in need to overcome extreme poverty>, Director of  World Vision of Armenia Zhirayr Edilyan said in his speech.  It  should be noted that in 2019 World Vision Armenia and the "My Step"  Foundation, with the assistance of the Ministry of Labor and Social  Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, began work with 18 families on  the verge of extreme poverty.

<Applying the program "Step-by-step overcoming poverty", as a result  of which the socio-economic situation of these families has improved  today, a number of health and domestic problems have been resolved,  but most importantly, these families have regained their faith in  their own strength. We have received thousands of applications on  social issues and healthcare. We realized that our resources would  not be enough even to satisfy a small part of them. We have studied  the experience of international and local structures. We realized  that the philosophy of philanthropy in the world has changed and it  has been proven that one-time or periodic financial assistance does  not have a long-term impact, is quickly depleted and does not allow  to overcome extreme poverty. Thus, we found the verge of cooperation  with World Vision Armenia, which for many years had tested various  methodologies and came to this model, which has spread throughout the  world and even became part of the state policy of some countries.  According to this model, comprehensive tools are used in working with  families and the development of an individual development program  takes into account the characteristics and preferences of the family,  allowing the use of more efficient resources, "said Hovhannes  Ghazaryan, director of the" My Step "foundation, announcing that the  program is in the near future <gradual poverty alleviation> will be  introduced in Artsakh.

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