Wednesday, September 18 2019 15:23
Asya Balayan

A criminal case was instituted on fact of fraud during construction  of  Armavir Penitentiary Institution

A criminal case was instituted on fact of fraud during construction  of  Armavir Penitentiary Institution

ArmInfo.On the fact of embezzlement on an especially large scale and corruption abuses committed in the period from 2007 to 2015 during the construction  process of the "Armavir" criminal-executive institution a criminal  case was instituted.

The RA Prosecutor General's Office examined the documents compiled on  the basis of studies on the construction of the "Armavir"  criminal-executive institution under the RA Ministry of Justice in  2007- 2015.

It turned out that the commission, created by order of the Minister  of Justice of the Republic of Armenia after the construction work,  accepted the "Armavir" criminal-executive institution on January 20,  2016.  In order to carry out design and estimate work for the  services of LLC recognized as the winner of the competition, 119  .000.000 drams were paid from the state budget, and 9.827.762.139  drams were paid to the company that carried out the construction  work.

On July 20, 2019, a commission was created at "Armavir"  criminal-executive institution, which conducted an actual inventory  at the Penitentiary Institution and design estimates and accounting  documents. As a result, it turned out that the doors installed in the  "Armavir" criminal-executive institution building, mounted pumps, and  water heaters do not correspond to the data reflected in the design  and estimate documentation, contracts, agreements, and executive  acts.  At the same time, the damage caused to the state only in terms  of doors equipped with special locks installed in the cells of the  institution amounted to about 48 million drams.

The actual data indicate that the employees of the company who  completed the construction work performed the work incompletely, in  particular, property was found that did not meet the quality of the  design and estimate documents, and the competent officials of the  criminal executive department of the Ministry of Justice of the  Republic of Armenia, in fact, accepted unfulfilled, inappropriate job  requirements.  Given that the materials compiled in connection with  the studies conducted at the "Armavir" criminal- executive  institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia  contain information containing evidence of a crime.  

Employees of the company, who carried out construction work at the  "Armavir" criminal-executive institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, with obvious fraud, committed theft on an  especially large scale from the state budget of the Republic of  Armenia. A criminal case was instituted on the grounds of official  forgery in the Department for Supervision of Investigation of  Particularly Important Cases of the RA General Prosecutor's Office on  the grounds of especially large-scale fraud, abuse of official powers  of persons performing organizational and administrative,  administrative and business functions in state structures, and under  the heading forgery.  The investigation of the case was entrusted to  the RA Special Investigation Service.

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