Tuesday, September 17 2019 18:21
Alexandr Avanesov

US government-funded Meghri Heritage Conservation Program were summed  up

US government-funded Meghri Heritage Conservation Program were summed  up

ArmInfo. On September 17, the results of the US government-funded Meghri Cultural Heritage Conservation Program were summed up. According to the press service  of the US Embassy in Armenia, the event was attended by US Ambassador  to the Republic of Armenia Lynne Tracy, Deputy Minister of Education,  Science, Culture and Sports Narine Khachatryan, representatives of  the communities of the Syunik region.

For the implementation of the project, which began three years ago,  the US Ambassador Fund for the Preservation of Cultural Property  allocated a grant of $ 510 thousand, which was aimed at preserving  and restoring the frescoes of the Surb Sarkis church in Meghri. This  is the largest fundraising project to date, funded by the Fund in  Armenia. To implement the program, the US Embassy, in partnership  with the Department of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the  non-governmental organization AMAP Human Development, carried out  thorough research on the church, modernizing the drainage system,  replacing the roof, and installing ventilation systems. In addition,  the road leading to the church was repaired. Along with these works,  a professional team was engaged in the restoration of frescoes in the  church.


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