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David Stepanyan

Kocharyan joined the petition of lawyers to remove the arrest from  his accounts

Kocharyan joined the petition of lawyers to remove the arrest from  his accounts

ArmInfo. I join the lawyer's motion regarding my release on bail. But I ask you to remove the arrest from my accounts and the accounts of my family, "former  President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan stated in court.

Robert Kocharyan's lawyer Hovhannes Khudoyan submitted a motion to  release his client on bail.  Presenting the petition, Khudoyan  applied the court of general jurisdiction asking, in assessing the  size of the bail to take into account the fact that Kocharyan's  property is under arrest.  "Lawyers advise me to say something even  against the background of ignoring the decision of the Constitutional  Court. Probably, prosecutors find it difficult to understand, but I'm  not the kind of person to hide, to evade the investigation. If that  were so, then Azerbaijanis would drink tea in Stepanakert. I it's  inconvenient to talk about it, but a person's biography speaks better  of him than his statements, "he said.

At the same time, Kocharyan suggested that the judge familiarize  himself with the criminal case in order to make sure that he had no  motivation to influence the investigation, noting that this would  take only 40-50 minutes. To which the judge replied as follows - "no  need."

The court of general jurisdiction of Yerevan, chaired by Anna  Danibekyan, decided to leave former president Kocharyan in custody.  "The court decided to reject the application for immediate release  from custody. The decision can be appealed to the Court of Appeal,"  Danibekyan stated. Kocharyan's lawyers submitted a motion to change  the preventive measure against him on September 12.

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