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Asya Balayan

Gevorg Petrosyan regards the initiative of "My step" to terminate the  powers of Hrayr Tovmasyan as pressure on the court

Gevorg Petrosyan regards the initiative of "My step" to terminate the  powers of Hrayr Tovmasyan as pressure on the court

ArmInfo. "The head of the Constitutional Court of Armenia Hrayr Tovmasyan is not the light of my eyes, but this does not prevent me from telling the truth," such  an opinion at a briefing at the National RA Prosperous Armenia  faction member Gevorg Petrosyan expressed the RA meeting /.

Answering the question of how the faction relates to the initiative  of the My Step parliamentary faction to terminate the powers of the  head of the Constitutional Court and whether the PAP will join this  proposal, Petrosyan explained that according to the Constitutional  Law on the Constitutional Court, there are exhaustively listed  reasons sufficient to so that the COP decides to terminate the  authority of its member.  "And if the faction of power decided to  start the initiative, then it can hold it in the National Assembly,  but the Constitutional Court itself must decide the issue of  dismissal," he explained.

According to the deputy, the PAP is not a political force that will  mechanically join this or that initiative without understanding its  tasks. "Now all those who come forward with such initiatives,  according to the current legislation of the Republic of Armenia, are  obliged 3/5 of the total number of deputies to present this  initiative, what decision the COP will take, we do not have the right  to express a biased opinion. I regard these opinions more as pressure  on court. Let the court decide>, said Petrosyan.

He noted that at the moment the PAP does not see such a task, and in  the Constitutional Court there is no such situation that would be  uncontrollable. <The authority is acting, another problem is that  individuals are not present at meetings, are not involved in  decision-making, but are reminded differently of their existence>.   On the eve  the parliamentary faction "My Step" announced the  beginning of the process to terminate the powers of the President of  the Constitutional Court (CC) Hrayr Tovmasyan.

Recall, on September 4, the Constitutional Court of Armenia granted  the defense claim of Robert Kocharian - Article 35 of the RA Criminal  Code is recognized as unconstitutional, since it does not provide for  the functional inviolability of officials who are specially protected  by the Constitution, including circumstances that exclude criminal  proceedings or criminal prosecution. "This article is found to be  contrary to clause 4 of part 1 of article 27, part 1 of article 61,  part 1 of article 63, articles 75 of the Constitution," the  Constitutional Court said. On the second appeal of Kocharyan's  defense on the review of compliance with the Constitution of Part 2  of Article 135 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of  Armenia, the Constitutional Court recognized it as complying with the  country's main law. Thus, the Constitutional Court ruled that the  verdicts adopted today, in accordance with part 2 of Article 179 of  the Constitution, are final and come into force from the moment they  are published. It should be noted that Robert Kocharian was arrested  on charges of overthrowing the constitutional order.

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