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Asya Balayan

Armen Sarkissian met with Joachim Gauck, praising his contribution to  the recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Armen Sarkissian met with Joachim Gauck, praising his contribution to  the recognition of the Armenian Genocide

ArmInfo.On September 16,  President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian hosted former President of  Germany Joachim Gauck. His Holiness Garegin II, Supreme Patriarch and  Catholicos of All Armenians also attended the meeting.  

Welcoming the  guest, the President of Armenia, in particular, thanked Joachim Gauck  for his humanitarian activities, appreciating his great contribution  to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.  Welcoming the guest the  Armenian President in particular, thanked Joachim Gauck,  for his  humanitarian activity and highly appreciated Mr. Gauck's great  contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. 

The President said Armenia and Germany have long history of  friendship and cooperation, adding that Germany and the German  companies can view Armenia as a gate to the Eurasian Economic Union  (EAEU). President Sarkissian highlighted the presence of broad  cooperation opportunities in the fields of culture, science and  technologies. "I would like the major German international companies  to cooperate with Armenia in IT, artificial intelligence and  mathematics spheres", the President said.

Talking about the cultural cooperation opportunities, the Armenian  President noted: "From cultural perspective I think we can cooperate  within the frames of our presidential initiative, that is the  presentation of cultures of different countries at the Presidential  Palace during which the visitors will be able to see not only the  Presidential residence, but also to get acquainted with the history  and art of different nations".

In turn, the former President of Germany noted: "I am very happy for  the fact that I meet a president in the person of you in the region  who comes from the scientific circle. I have an honor to be here  today. I heard that Armenia closely followed my speech on the  Armenian Genocide at the Mother Cathedral of Berlin, and I am also  grateful that I can get acquainted with your country, your people and  culture not from the distance, but closer".

During the meeting the sides also exchanged views on Armenia's  development prospects, the Armenian-German relations and the  Armenia-EU partnership.

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