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Naira Badalian

Armenian government will not make decision under pressure - Pashinyan  on Amulsar issue

Armenian government will not make decision under pressure - Pashinyan  on Amulsar issue

ArmInfo. In search of truth in  the Amulsar gold mine, the Armenian government intends to go all the  way. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyanl stated this at a  press conference on September 16, answering the question of whether  he thinks that 400 thousand dollars (this is exactly what the  taxpayer cost the expertise - Ed. note) were wasted.

The funds, according to the prime minister, were spent to clarify the  truth in Amulsar's issue. "I don't think that any funds spent on  finding the truth can be considered wasted, "he said

The head of government assured that all actions of the government on  Amulsar are 100% transparent.  According to him, during a Skype  conference with experts from Earthlink & Advanced Resources  Development (ELARD), which was instructed to conduct an EIA study on  Amulsar, new circumstances were revealed. Regarding the security of  the project, as the prime minister pointed out, the ELARD team said  that Lydian was the guarantor of security in any case.

Touching on the blocking of the road to the Amulsar mine, Pashinyan  stated that there is a decision of the Administrative Court to open  the road. "My position and the government are ready to go to the end,  in order to reveal the truth. Truth will lead us to one or another  decision. And the public should not give in to manipulations,  including from the side of my respected friends," said Pashinyan,  calling the manipulation those citizens traveling with a device to  measure the level of radiation in the vicinity of Amulsar. He noted  Teghut as a vivid, in his opinion, example of a successful solution,  again recalling the inconsistency of talking about the poor condition  of the dam. "In the matter of seeking the truth on Amulsar, we will  go to the end. The Armenian government will not make a decision under  pressure," he concluded.

To recall, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan today stated  that at the moment there are no legal grounds to prohibit the  operation of the Amulsar mine. Nikol Pashinyan also formally called  on the residents of Jermuk to open all roads leading to the Amulsar  mine. Meanwhile, on August 19, experts at Earthlink & Advanced  Resources Development (ELARD) said during a video conference that the  Lydian source data was not complete and, in general, the 2016 EIA was  insufficient to guarantee the environmentally operation of the mine. 

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