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Naira Badalian

Pashinyan: We need to go surgical, but institutional way in the issue  of judicial reform

Pashinyan: We need to go surgical, but institutional way in the issue  of judicial reform

ArmInfo. Issues related to the  judiciary in Armenia need to be resolved promptly, but as a result of  serious discussions, the authorities came to the conclusion that it  is necessary to follow a surgical, but institutional way in the  matter of judicial reform. This was announced on September 16 by  Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at a press conference in Vanadzor.

As Pashinyan pointed out, the ultimate goal of the Armenian  government is to create a truly independent judiciary. "So that it  doesn't turn out that we have replaced the judicial system, which  depends on the will of the previous authorities, with a similar body,  which depends on the current government," he explained.  In this  context, according to the prime minister, an anti-corruption strategy  has already been formed using the processes of the so-called vetting.  Two anti-corruption bodies will be created to assess the material and  professional capabilities. However, as Pashinyan pointed out, the  authorities understand that the concept of vetting itself causes  certain feelings, as a result of which it decided to abandon the word  "vetting".

To recall, on May 20, in his speech on the judicial-legal system,  Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated that "the time has  come to conduct surgical interventions in the judicial system." This  process, as Pashinyan pointed out, should be expressed as follows:   all judges in Armenia, without exception, should be subject to  vetting. That is, society must have complete information about  political connections, state and origin of property, previous  activities, personal and professional qualities of judges. Judges on  whose judgments the ECHR recorded a gross violation of rights must  resign or be removed from office. And those judges who, deep down  inside, know that they cannot be impartial and objective, should  resign, thus serving an important service to Armenia and the Armenian  people. According to the Prime Minister, Armenia is ready for this to  conduct constitutional reforms. "All this work should be carried out  in cooperation with well-known international organizations operating  in this field, in accordance with international best practices and in  the framework of international commitments made by Armenia. We have  been discussing this process with representatives of the UN, Council  of Europe, EU, OSCE, IMF for a long time and the World Bank, and I  hope all our international partners will support Armenia, since our  goal is not to get a new puppet judicial system, but a truly  independent, objective, based on the rule of law with a legal system  that meets the criteria of an advanced civilized world. On this  issue, we should cooperate widely with Armenian civil society,  non-governmental organizations and the expert community. I want to  emphasize that the time has come for clear, reliable and  institutional solutions in the fight against corruption, " he stated.  

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