Thursday, September 12 2019 19:52
Naira Badalian

NSS of Armenia stopped the smuggling of a large consignment of drugs  from Iran

NSS of Armenia stopped the smuggling of a large consignment of drugs  from Iran

ArmInfo.  Employees of the  National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia on the territory of the  Republic of Artsakh prevented an attempt smuggling of a large  consignment of drugs from Iran with a total weight of 4.2 kg.

According to the NSS press service, two citizens of Armenia, by car,  without a corresponding permit, entered the section of the border  between Artsakh and Iran controlled by the Border Guard of the NSS of  Armenia. Having noticed the border guards, the violators tried to  escape, but were detained and, for clarification, were escorted to  the nearest outpost.

During the inspection of the car, plastic bags with a crystalline  mass weighing 0.6 kg were found, and next to them were bags with 1.6  kg of the same mass and packages weighing 2 kg with a viscous tan  mass. The detainees admitted that the crystalline substance is  methamphetamine, and the brown one is opium, which they were supposed  to deliver to Yerevan.

A criminal case has been opened; it has been transferred to the  production of law enforcement bodies of Artsakh. As a measure of  restraint, arrest was chosen.

"A criminal case has been instituted on the grounds of the relevant  article of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia. The case has  been transferred to the law enforcement bodies of the Artsakh  Republic in the prescribed manner, the indicted persons have been  charged, and arrest has been chosen as a preventive measure.

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