Thursday, September 12 2019 16:05
Asya Balayan

Yezidi Center for Human Rights announces land misappropriation in the  village of Ferik

Yezidi Center for Human Rights announces land misappropriation in the  village of Ferik

ArmInfo.Yezidi Center for Human Rights issued a statement in connection with the situation in the Yezidi village of Ferik, Armavir region.

The statement said that yesterday the police tried to open roads  leading to the pastures of the Yezidi village of Ferik, which the  villagers have been keeping closed for several months in order to  stop the attempts to exploit the Yezidi lands illegally, from their  point of view.

The report explains that the land was illegally sold by the former  village head Norik Hayrapetyan to the relatives of General Manvel  Grigoryan Zarzand and Hrant Grigoryan, and after the "velvet  revolution" they were already sold to a certain Lebanese businessman  of Armenian descent, who today demands that the police open the road  leading to pastures Yezidi village.

Residents of the village are worried about the development of events,  since these agricultural lands are the only means of living for the  Yezidi village, and if the seizure of the Yezidi lands continues,  they will be forced to leave the village and emigrate from the  country.

The Yezidi Human Rights Center calls on residents of the Ferik  community to continue peaceful, non- violent protests in order to  prevent the Yezidi village from losing its only source of employment  - agriculture, and to respect the law and not give in to provocations.

The Yezidi Center for Human Rights also calls on the investigating  authorities and the human rights defender to ensure a transparent,  full-fledged investigation and identify the entire circle of  perpetrators.

The Yezidi Center also calls on the RA National Assembly to show  political will to solve the problem and to develop mechanisms that in  such situations will provide a quick and fair solution to the  problem. 

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