Thursday, September 12 2019 14:44
Asya Balayan

Seyran Ohanyan: The most pressing issue now is that Robert Kocharian  be released

Seyran Ohanyan: The most pressing issue now is that Robert Kocharian  be released

ArmInfo. Now the most important thing is that the measure of restraint against the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan is changed, and he would be free, hear  everything else during the trial. Former Armenian Defense Minister  Seyran Ohanyan stated this in an interview with reporters on  September 12.

To the remark that he was charged under the same article, Ohanyan  replied: "I did not accept this because there are no grounds for  it''.

In turn, Robert Kocharyan's son Levon Kocharian, who is in the  courthouse, stated that his father expects to be released.

''I expect the judge to administer justice, and the experience that I  had the judge who freed him will not frighten him and will not deter  him from carrying out its activities'', he said.  Responding to the  comment that there are allegations that Robert Kocharyan is the main  culprit on March 1, and he should remain in custody  Kocharyan also  touched on the events of March 1 and raised rhetorical questions.  ''People do not want to ask  questions, understand this whole  situation. David Shahnazaryan and other people among the opposition  called for the rally to be moved to another place. But Nikol  Pashinyan said: no, stay in place, continue the fight, arrange  barricades. In the same moral sense, these people do not ask what  would happen if the teammates were heard''.

To recall, today on September 12 in the Shengavit branch of the court  of general jurisdiction of Yerevan a trial is being held in the case  of the second President of the Republic of Armenia Robert Kocharian  and other high-ranking officials in the case of March 1. Judge Anna  Danibekyan presides.  In addition to the second President of Armenia,  the court session is also attended by the former chief of the General  Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia, the former CSTO Secretary  General Yuri Khachaturov, the former Minister of Defense Seyran  Ohanyan and the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Armen  Gevorgyan.

At the moment, dozens of supporters and opponents of the former  president of Armenia have gathered at the courthouse. Some demand his  release, others condemnation.

To avoid clashes, policemen are on duty here and urge the audience to  separate on opposite sides.  To recall, the second president of  Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, is accused of overthrowing the  constitutional order and receiving a bribe of $ 3 million.

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