Wednesday, September 11 2019 18:22
Asya Balayan

Ministry of Justice: 144 foreigners serving their sentences in  Armenia

Ministry of Justice: 144 foreigners serving their sentences in  Armenia

ArmInfo. In Armenia, 144  foreigners are currently convicted and are serving sentences. Exactly  half of the convicts are Iranian citizens. Deputy Minister of Justice  Kristine Grigoryan presented such data at the meeting of the National  Assembly of Armenia, during the discussion of the bill on amendments  and additions to the Law "On Foreigners".

According to the current legislation, the expulsion of a foreigner  from Armenia is carried out in the absence of legal grounds for  staying or living in the territory of Armenia.

"The proposed amendments will create mechanisms that will allow, in  the case of a criminal offense, to sentence foreign citizens to  imprisonment, and then deported from the country," Grigoryan  explained.

Introducing the bill on amendments and additions to the RA Law "On  Foreigners", Grigoryan noted that most countries such as the United  Kingdom, Georgia, the Russian Federation, the United States have  approximately the same approach - any country should be able to expel  foreign citizens immediately after that served his due term for the  crime he committed.

"The country should be able to deport a foreign convict after serving  his sentence," Grigoryan noted, adding that the ultimate goal of  these changes is to ensure national security and prevent relapse. 

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