Wednesday, September 11 2019 16:27
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Ambassador of Russia: Amulsar issue is Armenia`s internal matter 

Ambassador of Russia: Amulsar issue is Armenia`s internal matter 

ArmInfo. The Russian  ambassador to Armenia refused to speak out on the future of the  Amulsar gold deposit.

Thus, on September 11 in Yerevan on the sidelines of the conference  "Peace on the Eve of World War II", dedicated to the 80th anniversary  of the outbreak of World War II in an interview with reporters,  Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kopyrkin, answering the  corresponding question, said that he had nothing to say, since this  is Armenia's internal matter.

Meanwhile, to the journalist's remark that his photo on the  background of Amulsar in Jermuk is some kind of message, the  ambassador assured that there is no message in this, they just really  liked it. "The issue around Amulsar is an internal affair of Armenia,  and naturally the people of Armenia. And as far as I understand it,  no one has any doubts that this issue should be resolved taking into  account all factors, and considering not causing damage to anything -  neither the reputation of the Republic of Armenia nor its natural  resources. I think that the Armenian leadership, together with the  population, is wise enough to make a decision taking into account all  factors, "the diplomat concluded.

The Amulsar mine, the construction of which has been suspended, is  located in the valley of the Arpa and Vorotan rivers, in the  immediate vicinity of the spa town of Jermuk, famous for its mineral  springs, and not far from the largest freshwater lake in the region,  Sevan. Environmentalists fear that the exploitation of the field,  during which sodium cyanide will be used, could lead to the oxidation  of water in rivers.  Contaminated waters will become unsuitable for  drinking and irrigation and may cause irreparable harm to the mineral  springs of Jermuk and the ecosystem of Sevan.

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