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Naira Badalian

Nikol Pashinyan convenes a press conference in Vanadzor

Nikol Pashinyan convenes a press conference in Vanadzor

ArmInfo. Armenian Prime  Minister Nikol Pashinyan convenes a press conference in Vanadzor. He  announced this on his page on Facebook.

"Dear compatriots! Earlier, I promised that my next press conference  would be held in Gyumri. But, since after this statement I had  several visits and events in Gyumri, and two more major events are  planned there this year, I made a decision to hold the upcoming press  conference in Vanadzor, "Pashinyan wrote.  The press conference of  the head of government will be held on September 16 at 1:00pm in the  Vanadzor Technology Center.

To recall, Pashinyan's last major press conference was held on May 8  at the National Gallery of Armenia in Yerevan, during which he summed  up the results of the annual work as the country's prime minister.  Then, the prime minister, as promised, presented "100 facts about New  Armenia and, basing exclusively on the facts, spoke about the  large-scale changes that have taken place in the republic.  Journalists asked him questions about almost everything - from modern  morals in society to the Karabakh conflict, from relations with the  geopolitical poles of the world to personnel and economic policies,  up to more optimal methods of growing corn, reducing the powers of  the prime minister, and resonant criminal cases.  As a result, the  prime minister broke his own record - talking exactly 5.5 hours. The  previous, 4th press conference on March 19 lasted less than 4.5  hours.

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