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Armenian parliament passed 16 bills

Armenian parliament passed 16 bills

ArmInfo.  The National Assembly  on Tuesday passed a series of bills debated yesterday. As a result of  the vote, 16 laws were adopted, 6 of which were presented by the  opposition.

During the meeting, parliamentarians approved a number of bills.   Among them:

1. The bill on amendments to the law <On funded pensions> (adopted in  the first reading, the author is a MP from the fraction <My Step>  Gevorg Papoyan), 82 MPs voted "for", "against" 12, 'abstained" -0.

According to the legislative proposal, notaries and individual  entrepreneurs will independently calculate and transfer social  payments on an annualized basis within the time periods established  by the RA Tax Code for paying income taxes, and self-employed persons  and employees as self-employed persons - within the time limits  established for income tax payments.

2. Law on ratification of the Convention <On avoidance of double  taxation with respect to taxes on income and capital and prevention  of tax evasion between the Republic of Armenia and the Kingdom of  Denmark> (the author of the bill is the government), 102 MPs  voted  "for" , "against" - 0, "abstained" -0.

The purpose of the convention is to eliminate double taxation of  income and property by reducing the negative impact of barriers  related to income and property taxes on mutual trade and investment  between the contracting states, which will create an opportunity to  stimulate entrepreneurial activity, creating favorable competitive  conditions for foreign investment. The Convention also aims to create  a predictable and stable tax field.

3. The Law on Amendments and Additions to the Law <On Public Service  in the Office of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia>.   The draft law provides for the provision of additional 4-day leave to  the employees of the National Assembly of Armenia. (second reading,  author- MP from the "My Step> fraction, economist Artak Manukyan),104  MPs  voted "for ", "against"- 0, "abstained"-0.

4. On amendments to the law "On Water User Societies and Unions of  Water User Societies". The amendments propose to approve common  standards for all water users, as well as to provide everyone with  equal conditions in the event of a shortage of water resources (first  reading, author MP from the PAP faction Mikayel Melkumyan) - 97 MPs  voted "for", "against"-3, "abstained -3.  5. On making amendments to   the law <On Unions of Water User Societies and Water User  Societies>.  (first reading, author - MP of the PAP faction Sergey  Bagratyan). - 102 MPs voted "for", "against"-5, "abstained -5.

Sergey Bagratyan proposed to fix in the law that organizations are  required to pay for the water used not in cash, but through bank  accounts, mail and other payment systems by the 15th day of the next  month.  According to the initiative, the amendments will enter into  force on January 1, 2020.

6. On introducing amendments to the law <On the Compulsory  Enforcement of Judicial Acts> (second reading, author - Sergey  Bagratyan) - 106 MPs voted  "for", "against" -0, "abstained" -2.   Amendments to the law "On Enforcement of Judicial Acts" stipulate  that Compulsory Enforcement of Judicial Acts will not be able to  collect from military personnel on combat duty more than 30% of  monthly salaries and bonuses until the final repayment of debts. To  do this, it is enough to present a certificate from the military  unit, which must be issued once every three months. The law will not  have retroactive effect, that is, it applies to those cases of  recovery that will be registered after the entry into force of  legislative amendments.

7. On ratification of the protocol on amendments to the agreement  between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Government  of the Russian Federation on cooperation in the field of military  courier- mail service, (author-government) - 108 MPs voted -" for",  "against" -0, "abstained" -0.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Armenia Gabriel Balayan noted that the  basis of this protocol was the EAEU agreement, to which the Republic  of Armenia joined. According to the author, there were certain  problems that needed to be streamlined. In particular, the relations  between courier services and the legal regulation of the  inviolability of goods were clarified.

8. On ratification of the agreement <On military cooperation between  the Republic of Armenia and the Lebanese Republic for 2019> (author -  government) - 109 MPs voted -" for", "against" -0, "abstained" -0.

9. On introducing amendments to the law <On Trade and Services>  (first reading, authors: Sergey Bagratyan, Hovhannes Hovhannisyan) -  106 MPs voted "for", "against" -0, "abstained" -4.  According to the  amendments, it is proposed to prohibit the placement of massage  parlors in the territories of apartment buildings, as well as  educational and historical-cultural institutions, administrative  buildings of state bodies and local governments, medical  institutions. According to Sergey Bagratyan, the right to issue a  permit for the activities of massage parlors will be granted to  community leaders, and in Yerevan to the mayor of Yerevan. 

10. On introducing amendments and changes to the Law of the Republic  of Armenia <On public service in the apparatus of the National  Assembly of the Republic of Armenia> (first reading, author - Artak  Manukyan) - 109 MPs voted - "for", "against" -0 , "abstained"- 0.  

11. On introducing amendments to the Labor Code of the Republic of  Armenia (second reading, author Tigran Urikhanyan) - 105MPs voted  <for>, <against>- 0, <abstained> -5.  When hiring or during  employment, a deputy is proposed to fix all age restrictions as  discrimination. To fix discrimination in applying for a job, a number  of proposals were submitted, which were accepted and included in the  project. 

12. On introducing additions and changes to the Labor Code of the  Republic of Armenia (first reading, authors: Narek Zeynalyan,  Heriknaz Tigranyan, Lusine Badalyan) - 112 MPs voted- "for",  "against" -0 "abstained" - 0.  The changes are aimed at protecting  the interests of citizens entering work on a contractual basis.

13. On introducing amendments to the Law of the Republic of Armenia  <On Local Self-Government in the City of Yerevan> (second reading,  author - Bright Armenia faction) - 106 MPs voted <for>, <against> 0,  "abstained" -5.  

14. On Amendments and Addenda to the Law <On Garbage Removal and  Sanitation> and on Amendments and Addenda to the Code of the Republic  of Armenia on Administrative Offenses (second reading, by Gevorg  Papoyan) - 99MPs voted <for>,  <against> -12, "abstained"-0 

15. On introducing amendments and additions to the Law of the  Republic of Armenia <On Local Self- Government> (second reading,  author - LPA faction) - 102 MPs voted <for>, <against> -4,  "abstained"-5.  

16. On amendments and additions to the law <On Physical Culture and  Sport> (second reading, authors:  Artak Manukyan, Arsen Julfalakyan)  - 111MPs voted  - "for", "against" -0, "abstained" -0. 

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