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Marianna Mkrtchyan

EU studies possibilities for assisting Armenian Police in  implementing reforms

EU studies possibilities for assisting Armenian Police in  implementing reforms

ArmInfo. RA Deputy Minister of Police Hovhannes Kocharyan received the EU delegation led by Kestutis Lancinskas.

As the press service of the RA Police told ArmInfo, the purpose of  the visit of the European delegation is to conduct a preliminary  assessment of the legal framework for the activities of police, the  institutional structure and reforms necessary to identify priority  areas of EU support within the framework of the EU TAIEX program.

Kocharyan noted the importance of the high level of interaction that  has developed with the EU and expressed hope that cooperation will  further deepen and expand.

At the same time, the Deputy Head of the RA Police spoke about the  reforms carried out in the department, covering various areas: from  legislative to structural changes, touched on the organization of the  mobile patrol service and the process of introducing a point system  of fines in the traffic police.  The parties emphasized that in the  context of responding to modern challenges, it is important to  exchange experience with law enforcement agencies in the field of  systemic reforms, education, public order and a number of other  areas. During the meeting other issues of mutual interest were also  discussed.

TAIEX - Technical Assistance and Information Exchange - is a European  Commission technical assistance and information exchange tool.  Recently, the TAIEX coverage has been expanded to partner countries  within the European Neighborhood Policy programs.

Currently, the TAIEX tool is fully operational, which means that new  partner countries can take advantage of the experience and services  provided under this tool. It is important to know that the starting  point in the work of TAIEX is a request / application, therefore, an  initiative approach is required from a representative of the  interested structure of the recipient country. Ministries, services  and departments determine their own needs and apply with  corresponding applications.

TAIEX organizes theoretical and practical seminars during which  participants get acquainted with the issues of EU activities,  policies and legislation. Such events are designed for the  participation of one or more departments. Study tours to EU countries  provide an opportunity to better understand how practical issues  related to assisting the EU are addressed. In addition, departments  can host specialists from EU member states who travel abroad as  invited experts to conduct specially prepared events on specific  issues in such areas as, for example, legislation, implementing  relevant programs, or exchanging best practices.  Participants in the  TAIEX Program are EU candidate countries, potential EU candidate  countries, as well as countries covered by the European Neighborhood  Policy. The TAIEX program finances short-term and "operational"  events, the preparation and implementation of which is several weeks. 

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