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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Mnatsakanyan: Armenia seeks to start a dialogue with the EU on visa  liberalization as soon as possible

Mnatsakanyan: Armenia seeks to start a dialogue with the EU on visa  liberalization as soon as possible

ArmInfo. Armenia seeks as soon as possible to begin a dialogue with the European Union on visa liberalization. Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan stated  this at a press conference in Yerevan on September 6.

The Armenian minister recalled that the deadline for starting the  dialogue is 2020, which is clearly stated in the final declaration of  the Eastern Partnership summit. "But, our task is not to start this  dialogue not in 2020, but as soon as possible. We are actively  working on this issue at all the platforms. I responsibly declare  that the beginning of a dialogue on visa facilitation between Armenia  and the EU is an important priority for me, and it's important for us  to achieve a breakthrough in this matter, "the Armenian Foreign  Minister summed up.

To note, on December 17, 2012, an agreement on visa facilitation was  signed between Armenia and the EU, which entered into force on  January 1, 2014. The agreement accelerated the procedure for issuing  visas at the consulates of the EU countries located in Yerevan. The  price of a visa after signing the agreement was reduced to  thirty-five euros against sixty euros, which tourists paid before  ratification of the agreement.  The process of providing multi-visas,  which previously was unnecessarily complicated and lengthy, was also  facilitated. And Armenian citizens with diplomatic passports are  completely exempted from the need to obtain a visa. The  simplification of the visa issuance scheme also affected the length  of stay of Armenian citizens in the territory of the EU countries.  Now this period is ninety days for each period of one hundred and  eighty days. In parallel with this, a readmission agreement was  signed.

For several years now, the Armenian side has been insisting on the  need for a transition to the second stage of the implementation of  the agreement, liberalization of the entry regime, but the EU, for  various reasons, delays the start of dialogue. Yerevan is inclined to  believe that a political solution is needed to start a dialogue.

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