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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Vincenzo Del Monaco: Armenian audience will have the opportunity to  enjoy digital installation at "Italian Evening"

Vincenzo Del Monaco: Armenian audience will have the opportunity to  enjoy digital installation at "Italian Evening"

ArmInfo."Italian Evening" concert will be held in Yerevan on September 7 with the digital installation. The evening was initiated by the Italian Embassy in  Armenia.

As the Italian Ambassador to Armenia Vincenzo Del Monaco said at a  press conference in Yerevan on September 5 this event will be a  complex event, the Armenian audience will have the opportunity to  enjoy the digital installation prepared by the famous Italian art  critic Franz Cerami and enjoy the musical part of the program. "Often  the similarities between Armenians and Italians are noted, and this  is true. A vivid evidence of this is the close cultural ties that  have developed between our countries, the many projects that we are  implementing, one of which is the upcoming evening," the diplomat  said.

At the same time, he pointed out one important regularity that he  managed to notice during his stay in Armenia, namely, that whoever of  Italian figures, whether cultural or political, having arrived in  Yerevan once, always returns here. "I would also like to inform that  all these cultural events that we implement in Armenia receive the  assistance of various UN offices," said the Ambassador.

Meanwhile, Cerami, presenting the main essence of the installation,  which is designed to reflect modernity and movement, noted that for  the first time in Yerevan, he felt some kind of stone magic.  According to him, for him, Yerevan is somewhat similar to Naples,  where he also feels this magic of stones. "I've been in Yerevan for  some ten days, but I have already made many friends. The warmth and  friendliness of people here inspire," said the art critic, adding  that he was looking forward to the upcoming concert evening.

In turn, the Italian conductor Mario Leotta pointed out the high  professionalism of the musicians of the State Chamber Orchestra of  Armenia. "I just spent a few rehearsals with them, but I can say with  confidence that they are all highly qualified professionals who can  give   head start to many famous musicians," said the conductor.

To note, the State Chamber Orchestra of Armenia, whose artistic  director and conductor is Vahan Martirosyan, will begin its new  concert season (2019-2020) with the Italian program. The concert will  take place on September 7 at 7:30am in the Concert Hall named after  Aram Khachaturian, during which the audience will have the  opportunity to listen to the works of Piazzolla, Verdi, Rossini,  Rota, Mascani, Morricone also under the direction of the Italian  conductor Mario Leotta. The world-famous saxophonist Marco Albonetti  (Italy) will perform as a soloist, performing for the second time  with the Chamber Orchestra of Armenia.

Throughout the evening, the digital installation of Remix Portraits,  authored by renowned Italian art critic Franz Cerami will be shown on  video screens.

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