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Tatevik Shahunyan

Russian President congratulates jailed second Armenian president on  jubilee

Russian President congratulates jailed second Armenian president on  jubilee

ArmInfo. Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the second Armenian President Robert Kocharyan, who is currently under arrest, on his jubilee.

 The congratulatory message posted on the official website of the Russian  leader, in particular, reads: ''Dear Robert Sedrakovich, accept  sincere congratulations on your 65th anniversary.

Through your many years of state activity, you have earned well-deserved respect among compatriots and abroad, made a significant contribution to the  development of modern Armenia, to ensuring security and stability in  the Transcaucasus. We know you as a true friend of Russia, who has  done a lot to strengthen allied relations between our states''.

To note, President of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan and third president of  Armenia Serzh Sargsyan also congratulated Kocharyan on his  anniversary. The telegram from Sargsyan, in particular, reads: ''The  Republican Party of Armenia has so far supported and will support you  in this struggle. I am convinced that justice will ultimately  triumph, and time, as the greatest judge, will show everyone its true  place in history, in the life of our people and the state, will  distinguish lies from truth, deceit from justice, populist and false  patriotism from true patriotism".

Bako Sahakyan, in his message, in particular, noted: "As one of the leaders of the Artsakh national liberation struggle and the first President of the Artsakh Republic,  you have made a significant contribution to the creation,  establishment and development of our independent statehood, ensuring  and strengthening the defense ability of our native people, achieving  victories". 


Vladimir Avetisian
Армянский народ осуждает второго президента Армении за содеянное, осудит и Вас. И ни один судья не может осудить свой народ.

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