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GeoProMining assisted the Children`s Oncology Center

GeoProMining assisted the Children`s Oncology Center

ArmInfo. GeoProMining company, as part of the charity event “Hurry to give kindness”  organized a holiday for children, undergoing treatment at Hematology Center after professor R.Eolyan.

The company, together with the «City of Smile» Foundation organized a festive performance with participation of animators, and favorite Disney's characters, where good conquered evil and gave the children a cheerful mood. In addition, GeoProMining presented the children with gifts, and also provided financial assistance to the medical institution to support its ongoing needs.

“Children, suffering form cancer, receive all necessary medication in Armenia, and in our country are used modern methods of cancer treatment. We believe that those children are brave and have the strength and desire to overcome the diseases. We, in our turn, will warm them with love and attention.

In the cities and communities, where our company operates (the city of Ararat, the village of Ararat, the city of Vardenis, Geghamasar) about 100 children with disabilities have been under constant attention of our company, as well as their families. One of the most difficult situations that we went through with the family from the city of Ararat about three months ago, was a surgery of transplantation of vertebral discs to a 15-year- old girl. To our happiness, she fully recovered and today she is here to join our event, and to pass the kindness she received to the children in need”,-  said the Head of External Policy and CSR Department of the GeoProMining Company.


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