Thursday, August 22 2019 16:22
Ani Mshetsyan

Venice Commission ready to provide advisory opinion on the case of  the second president of Armenia

Venice Commission ready to provide advisory opinion on the case of  the second president of Armenia

ArmInfo. The Venice Commission is ready to provide an advisory opinion on the case of the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan. This was reported by the press  service of the Constitutional Court (CC).

The CC's statement, in particular, states: "In a message addressed to  the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan, Secretary  of the Venice Commission Thomas Markert said that the commission is  ready to provide an advisory opinion (amicus curiae opinion)."

It should be noted that the Constitutional Court, on the basis of a  statement by the court of general jurisdiction of Yerevan and the  second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, made a procedural  decision on July 18 to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights  and the Venice Commission to receive an advisory opinion on  determining whether article 300.1 of the Criminal Code complies with  the RA Constitution.

Second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan is accused of  overthrowing the Constitutional system in Armenia in 2008. At that  time, the Armenian opposition, led by first president Levon  Ter-Petrosyan, who ran for the presidential election on February 19,  2008 and lost them to Serzh Sargsyan, then held meetings in the  center of Yerevan, expressing dissatisfaction with the official  voting results. Protests rallied March 1- 2 on the riots, killing ten  people, about 200 were injured.  To recall, earlier Kocharyan's  defense noted that the criminal prosecution against Kocharyan has no  legal basis, since he cannot be charged under Article 300.1 of the RA  Criminal Code in connection with the events of 2008, since this  article was supplemented in 2009. Moreover, the corpus delicti  provided for in Article 300.1 did not exist during the events of  February-March 2008. 

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