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Ani Mshetsyan

Charity MTU Sweetest Kids celebrates its first anniversary

Charity MTU Sweetest Kids celebrates its first anniversary

ArmInfo. The MTU Sweetest Kids Estonian charity organization, which implements programs to assist children with diabetes in Armenia, celebrated its establishment first  year anniversary.

The presentation took place on the evening of August 21 at the  Philharmonic named after A. Babajanyan. 

The event was attended by guests from Estonia, funding a charity,  representatives of ministries and departments, doctors, famous  athletes, representatives of the clergy, parents of diabetic  children, and, of course, the press.  The founder and chairman of the  "Sweetest Kids" organization Hayk Muradyan spoke about the work done  over the year. During this period, in particular, more than 40 young  diabetics registered with the charity received substantial  assistance. They were provided with glucometers or circuits for  determining blood sugar levels, appropriate test strips and other  means. Until now, the organization's activities have been carried out  only in Yerevan, the plans - expansion, work in the areas. Moreover,  we are talking about the integrated participation of a charitable  organization in the lives of children with diabetes, both in the  capital and in the regions. "We intend to provide not only medical  assistance, but also to provide educational, and most importantly,  psychological assistance to our wards. Within the framework of the  relevant programs, classes will be held with children and their  parents, who through such communication will receive answers to  questions related to the features life of a diabetic child in  society. And most importantly, they will learn not to panic and  provide first aid on their own, "H. Muradyan noted.

The chairman of the organization "Sweetest Kids" urged the audience,  as far as possible, to provide assistance to small diabetics.  Athletes in their field, physicians in their field, etc. He  emphasized that this would be very useful for integrating diabetic  children into society.  H. Muradyan sinformed that on August 23-26,  supported by charity organization all registered children with  diabetes will vist "Zhair" recreation area in Sevan. There, a summer  camp was organized for them, with sports and educational bias. 

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