Thursday, August 22 2019 15:22
Ani Mshetsyan

Former head of Gndevaz community charged with embezzlement

Former head of Gndevaz community charged with embezzlement

ArmInfo. The Investigative Committee of Armenia is conducting an investigation on the fact of abuse of power, as well as theft by the former head of the Gndevaz  community.

According to the press service of the RA IC, the former head of  Gndevaz, allocated funds from the community budget for the repair of  the local House of Culture. After repairs from autumn 2016 to 2019,  events were held on a paid basis in the hall of the House of Culture,  however, the amount received from them was not returned to the  community budget, thereby, in fact, was assigned.

It should be noted that, as ArmInfo previously reported, the former  head of the Gndevaz community sold land to the Lydian Armenia to the  detriment of the interests of the community.

During the preliminary investigation, the damage caused to the state  in the amount of 70,000,000 drams was compensated.

A new criminal case was opened on the fact of embezzlement on August  19, 2019, combined with a criminal case investigated in connection  with the abuse of the former head of the same community by his  official powers. The investigation also clarifies the circle of  persons who could in one way or another be involved in these  embezzlements.

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