Wednesday, August 21 2019 16:42
Ani Mshetsyan

Member of  "Sasna Tsrer" group Smbat Barseghyan will remain under  arrest

Member of  "Sasna Tsrer" group Smbat Barseghyan will remain under  arrest

ArmInfo. The judge in the case of 10 members of the "Sasna Tsrer" group Mesrop Makyan rejected the request of the lawyer Mushegh Shushanyan to withdraw the arrest  or to change the preventive measure against the group member Smbat  Barseghyan.

In particular, Shushanyan said that new circumstances appeared in the  case, in response to which the prosecutor Petros Petrosyan objected  that the lawyer did not note any new circumstances related to the  preventive measure. Moreover, the successors of the victims also  spoke out against this request.

To note, Smbat Barseghyan is accused of the murder of police officer  Yuri Tepanosyan. Of the 10 members of the Sasna Tsrer group, only  Armen Bilyan and Smbat Barseghyan, who are accused of killing  policemen, are under arrest. The preventive measure against the  remaining 7 defendants was changed after the revolution under the  personal guarantee of the MPs, and Pavel Manukyan was released on  bail in the amount of 1 million drams. 

To recall, on July 17, members of the "Sasna Tsrer" group occupied  the building of the PPS regiment of the Armenian Police in order to  release the coordinator of the Armenian "Constituent Parliament"  opposition civil initiative Zhirayr Sefilyan, who is under arrest on  charges of illegal acquisition and possession of weapons. During the  capture, one policeman was killed, 4 more were injured. July 30,  police reported the death of another colleague. 

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