Wednesday, August 21 2019 12:46
Ani Mshetsyan

ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" party calls on authorities to resolve Amulsar  issue through referendum

ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" party calls on authorities to resolve Amulsar  issue through referendum

ArmInfo.The contradictory statements of the new government cause tensions related to the issue of operating the Amulsar mine. This is stated in the statement of the  ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" party, received by ArmInfo.

ARF representatives also note that another reason for the growing  tension is the lack of adequate steps on the part of the authorities  to meet public expectations.

The statement, in particular, reads: "Considering national and state  interests, social solidarity, the safe exploitation of natural  resources, the preservation of the biological diversity of the  environment and sustainable development of the country the supreme  body of the ARF" Dashnaktsutyun "party is deeply concerned that the  published data are not convincing enough and do not inspire  confidence in both public and professional circles. We urge the  authorities not to consider the published expert opinion as the final  basis for the development of the mine. Underlining public concern  about this issue, its potentially serious impact on the  socio-economic and environmental prospects of the country, we  consider it appropriate, as a result of public and professional  discussions, to find an acceptable solution to this issue. We also  believe that it is necessary to restore dialogue with a circle of  experts and, through a referendum, make a decision that meets the  interests of the state and is acceptable to the public". 

It should be noted that a protest rally against the exploitation of  the Amulsar mine took place in Yerevan on August 19, as a result of  which clashes occurred between the protesters and the police. Police  detained 6 protesters. The detained citizens were visited by the  office of the Ombudsman of Armenia. On the evening of the same day,  Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan made a statement in which  he noted that there were no grounds for stopping work at the Amulsar  field. In turn, the General Prosecutor's Office of Armenia terminated  the criminal case against the Lydian company. 

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