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Naira Badalian

Tigran Avinyan responds to accusations of lobbying Lydian Armenia`s  interests

Tigran Avinyan responds to accusations of lobbying Lydian Armenia`s  interests

ArmInfo.Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan answered the accusations of the former head of the environmental inspection Artur Grigoryan about lobbying Lydian  Armenia's interests.

Yesterday, the former head of the environmental inspection Artur  Grigoryan wrote that the main lobbyists for the development of  Amulsar in the government are Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan  and the head of the office of the Prime Minister of Armenia Eduard  Aghajanyan. Grigoryan accused them of putting pressure on the prime  minister to invalidate the inspection reports issued by the  environmental inspectorate.  Grigoryan stressed that the results of  the examination conducted by the Lebanese company ELARD are  fictitious and all this time the citizens of the country were misled,  which is explained by the usual corruption scheme. According to him,  Avinyan and Agadzhanyan wanted to solve the problem of opening the  roads of Amulsar with his help, and when this attempt failed,  lobbying began to annul the inspection act adopted by the Inspection  body. Grigoryan explained his silence by the fact that he has passed  a common political path with those persons. However, after Prime  Minister Nikol Pashinyan's speech yesterday, he no longer intends to  be silent.

"From the publication of Grigoryan, people may get the impression  that he is an impartial person who has become a victim of various  intrigues, although the reality is much simpler," Tigran Avinyan  wrote on his Facebook page.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, for the short period that  Grigoryan served as head of the environmental inspection, he did not  demonstrate the necessary competence, "he appeared to be a person who  does not have the necessary professional knowledge and skills." Most  importantly, according to Avinyan, he could not assume the role of an  impartial arbitrator, which is required of a person holding this  important position. "Due to the mistake and" senseless stubbornness  of Grigoryan, "Lydian Armenia filed a lawsuit, which is currently  under consideration," Avinyan noted.  As for allegations of  corruption in the government, according to Avinyan, they are so  ridiculous and baseless that he does not even want to comment on  them. "Today we found out that Mr. Grigoryan is also a visionary,  since he claims that he knew about the decision on Amulsar eight  months ago. And this despite the fact that the ELARD results were  recently announced, and the government has not even announced the  final decision. In the end, the question arises, if Grigoryan knew  about the final decision, then why he was silent about this for eight  months, "Avinyan noted.  The Deputy Prime Minister noted that he  would touch upon the examination and the issue of arbitration on the  development program of the Amulsar field later. 

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