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ACBA Leasing and GEFF hold a joint event to stimulate the development  of renewable energy in Armenia

ACBA Leasing and GEFF hold a joint event to stimulate the development  of renewable energy in Armenia

ArmInfo. ACBA Leasing and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), under the "Green Economy Financing Facility" (GEFF) program, conduct a joint business event aimed at stimulating the development of renewable  energy in Armenia and introducing the experience of more than 20  countries. This is stated in the official statement of ACBA-Credit  Agricole Bank.

"The development of renewable energy in Armenia is constantly in the  spotlight of ACBA Leasing. As part of our Green Leasing sub-brand, we  are always looking for new mechanisms and opportunities, trying not  only to make the sources of "clean" energy more affordable for the  general public, but also to help our small and medium-sized  businesses use energy-efficient equipment in their business, which  makes it possible to ensure additional savings", said Aghasi  Gasparyan, CEO of ACBA Leasing. In turn, deputy manager of the GEFF  program in Armenia, noted that the introduction of green  technologies, in particular the establishment of solar photovoltaic  stations, and the results are tangible in many Armenian businesses. 

"The partner organizations of ACBA Leasing have already managed to  register significant financial savings in a rather short period of  time, and also helped to reduce emissions, which, in turn, opens the  way for the dissemination of renewable energy and energy efficiency  solutions," he said. According to the source, the partner of ACBA  Leasing construction company "AKSHIN" in a fairly short time  registered significant savings results. According to the  representative of the company Asi Ghazaryan, in January 2019, as a  result of cooperation with ACBA Leasing, the solar station of AEKSHIN  was built, which required investments in the amount of 63 million  drams. "Within 7 months, our savings reached 5 million drams," he  said. You can watch the video about the event by clicking on the  following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AwbyMeoA_A 

The cooperation of ACBA Leasing and GEFF started in 2016, the purpose  of which is to stimulate the implementation of energy efficiency  programs in Armenia. Recall that ACBA Leasing is a member of the  financial group ACBA-Credit Agricole, and is a leader in the leasing  market in the country. This is the first leasing company in Armenia,  founded in 2003. The holder of a 100% stake in ACBA Leasing is the  Armenian ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank.

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