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ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank in cooperation with NABU held a training  seminar within  "Organic Agriculture Development" project

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank in cooperation with NABU held a training  seminar within  "Organic Agriculture Development" project

ArmInfo. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank, in cooperation with the German NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union), held a training seminar for 250 farmers,  laboratory managers, and organic farming business entities to provide  new knowledge and skills in the field of organic agriculture.

According to the Bank's press service, the lectures were held as part  of the joint program of the Bank and NABU " Organic Agriculture  Development in Armenia " with the co-financing of the Austrian  Development Agency.

The training participants were provided with information about the  intricacies and prospects of processing, packaging and storage of  organic products, the production of organic honey, tea and herbs. In  particular, special attention on the part of specialists in the field  was paid to the processing of organic products, their certification,  storage, packaging, in particular, wild harvesting and herbal teas,  the process of harvesting organic plant materials, the basic  principles of collecting in an organic environment, harvesting staff,  collection raw materials and determining the collection period,  symptoms of poisoning, primary processing of raw materials,  certification standards for organic honey, medicines, choice of  premises, inventory, issues related to Displayed on the market for  organic products, the diversification of organic honey, organic  products sales and marketing.

Director of the NABU Armenian office Narek Grigoryan noted that with  the joint support of the Bank and the NABU,  organic producers also  get the opportunity to acquire certificates of organic food producer  and significantly increase their export prospects.

<Our goal is to stimulate the development of organic agriculture in  Armenia, to assist industry producers.  And through such training  seminars, we provide our beneficiaries with new knowledge, thanks to  which they can expand their skills in the production of organic  products>, he said.  The cooperation between ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE  BANK and NABU was launched in 2015  within the framework of the  "Organic Agriculture Development in Armenia" project.  To recall,  ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank CJSC has been operating in Armenia since  1995. The majority shareholders of the bank as of January 1, 2019  are:  SACAM International SJSC (a member of the Credit Agricole S.A  group) - 6.48%, ACBA Federation CJSC - 93.52%.  Naturschutzbund  Deutschland (NABU) is Germany's oldest and largest environmental NGO.  NABU has been operating for over 100 years. This is the most massive  public environmental organization in Germany - in its ranks there are  more than 450 thousand members. NABU works in many countries around  the world, implementing various projects aimed at protecting nature  and developing specially protected natural areas. NABU is  particularly interested in the Caucasus as a region rich in  environmental resources.

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