Friday, August 2 2019 11:50
Tatevik Shahunyan

Prime Minister spoke about actions aimed at enhancing the economic  life of Gyumri and the work of three checkpoints on the  Armenian-Georgian border

Prime Minister spoke about actions aimed at enhancing the economic  life of Gyumri and the work of three checkpoints on the  Armenian-Georgian border

ArmInfo.  Armenian Prime  Minister Nikol Pashinyan in his facebook post touched on the work of  three checkpoints on the Armenian-Georgian border.  According to him,  one of the three checkpoints - Bagratashen works with excessive load,  the other two - Bavra and Gogawan, on the contrary, are underloaded.

"By the decision of the government, the State Revenue Committee of  Armenia 181 million drams and 21.5 hectares of land allocated for  construction in Gyumri auto customs and the center of foreign  economic activity. We hope that this will revive the economic life of  Gyumri. Such decisions should also balance the work of the three  customs points, "the prime minister said.

In this context, he emphasized the importance of repairing the  Gyumri-Bavra road. <Our Georgian colleagues began repairing the  Ninotsminda-Bavra road. An agreement was also reached on repairing  the road in the direction of Gugut. On our side, the road to Gogavan  is in good condition>, the prime minister explained.

Earlier, ArmInfo reported that a program was launched in Armenia to  create a new car customs clearance center in Gyumri. At the August 1  meeting, the Government of the Republic of Armenia introduced  amendments to the Law "On the State Budget", according to which it is  envisaged to send AMD 181 million to the project.

Presenting the draft decision, the Chairman of the RA State Revenue  Committee David Ananyan emphasized that the total cost of the program  is 2.2 billion drams. Today's Cabinet decision is taking the first  step in this direction. The intentions to transfer the customs  clearance point for imported cars from the customs department in  Noragavit to Gyumri come from the order of the Prime Minister of the  Republic of Armenia in connection with an unprecedented increase in  the import of vehicles from countries that are not members of the  EAEU. Of the indicated amount of 181 million drams, 41 million drams  are planned to be allocated for the development of design estimates,  geodetic and other works, and 140 million drams - to purchase  equipment and other services. It is planned to build a car customs in  Gyumri on the territory of 21.5 hectares owned by the Ministry of  Defense. 4.5 hectares from this territory will be allocated for the  establishment of a customs and police service center.

It is envisaged that the new customs control point for imported  vehicles will become part of the project of creating two centers for  promoting foreign economic activity - in Gyumri and Sisian. Thus,  both centers will be located along the North-South highway. The  process will require not months, as many expect, but several years.  The construction will be carried out on grant and credit funds and,  according to preliminary estimates, will require $ 19-21 million for  the construction of each Center. 

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