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Hovhannes Igityan: Robert Kocharyan has never been a political  leader. Even being the president of Artsakh and Armenia

Hovhannes Igityan: Robert Kocharyan has never been a political  leader. Even being the president of Artsakh and Armenia

ArmInfo.At its core, Robert Kocharyan has never been a political leader. Even in those years when he was the president of Artsakh and Armenia. ArmInfo expressed a  similar opinion, commenting on the last interview of ex-President  Robert Kocharian, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee on  Foreign Relations of the National Assembly of Armenia Hovhannes  Igityan.

 "Kocharyan throughout his entire" career "has always been  brought and put on this or that post or position, including  presidential. And today this man suddenly tries to present himself as  a political figure, and pursued by the authorities. If not to our  people, who are very good at it he knows, at least to external  forces.  It seems to me that everything is very simple here and,  accordingly, everyone understands ", - he said.

According to the parliamentarian's assessments, Kocharyan is trying  to create an image of the only pro- Russian leader who "fights  against the anti-Russian authorities of Armenia" with his interviews,  mainly given by the Russian or Russian-speaking Armenian media. Such  a "own" man of the Kremlin and a great friend of Russian President  Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, in reality, according to the parliamentarian, all this is  far from being so. Igityan expressed the conviction that the  "Kocharyan support group" in Russia, as indeed in Armenia, is far  from disinterested in this support. And, at a minimum, this support  is connected with his business activities in Russia in the last 10  years, as a result of which he brought huge amounts of money "earned"  in Armenia to Russia.  According to Igityan, he would not even rate  all of Kocharyan's activities as dangerous if it were not for her  goal - to involve Russia in the internal affairs of Armenia, setting  himself up as a fighter for Russian interests. "At the same time,  Kocharyan is trying to demonstrate to the West that he is being  persecuted for his political views in Armenia. And this makes a  person who not only never had these views, but was not a politician  at all. All these years, he defended the interests of anyone, but not  the interests of Armenia. And we see how he is trying to do it now,  "- said the parliamentarian.

"As for Kocharyan's suddenly arisen opposition, then in those 30  years that I know him, he hasn't been a single oppositionist day. I  don't think he can become them in today's Armenia with its legitimate  and legitimate legislative and executive I am convinced that very  soon we will have a corresponding judicial authority. This person  never fought for human rights, for democracy, he even avoided saying  this word.  What and from whom a person with such values will defend  today is incomprehensible ", - concluded Igityan. 


Давид Петросян
На мой взгляд надо разделить деятельность Кочаряна в Арцахе на посту председателя Государственного комитета обороны НКР и одного из лидеров военной поры. Деятельность Кочаряна в Армении тема отдельная и долгая. Пусть суд решит его судьбу.
Кочарян не только был, но и по сей день является лидером! В Армении власти делают всё, ничем не брезгают, дабы очернить его, столько лжи на душу населения. Но им не обмануть карабахцев, которые хорошо помнят, что сделал Роберт Седракович для обретения независимости Карабаха!

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