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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Sergey Minansyan spoke about the state of the Armenian-Romanian  relations and prospects for the development of cooperation

Sergey Minansyan spoke about the state of the Armenian-Romanian  relations and prospects for the development of cooperation

ArmInfo. Today, the main task in the political relations between Armenia and Romania is the preservation of the dynamics that has been recorded in our  interaction over the past year or two.

On July 23, Armenian Ambassador to Romania Sergey Minasyan stated answering the ArmInfo's question at an event at the Caucasus Institute dedicated to  Armenian-Romanian relations.  

According to him, in recent years, serious achievements have been recorded in bilateral relations, a vivid example of which is the opening of a direct flight between  Yerevan and Bucharest. "We have become much closer, and this was  facilitated by direct flights between our capitals.

The frequency of flights that started on April 3 can reach three times a week by the  end of the year, and I think this is not yet the limit. Today we have  an exceptional opportunity to build bridges between public and  research circles of the two countries ", said the Armenian diplomat,  he also stated that the small, rather active Armenian community of  Romania has a rather privileged position in the country as a  representative of the national minority.

To ArmInfo's request to clarify on the economic situation between the  two countries, and the potential for interaction, Minasyan said that  in Romania serious attention is paid to the field of information  technology.  "That is, from this point of view, we have something to  share with our Romanian colleagues, and we can also learn from them  in the IT field. Moreover, the interaction is also taking place in  those traditional areas that provide indicators of economic activity  between our two countries, although they are not stable - this is  cognac, wood, and much more. But I am deeply convinced that as the  world evolves alongside traditional directions, we should move with  the times and involve in the areas that are popular today, including  IT, " the diplomat stressed.

Noting that the main task of any diplomatic mission, apart from  developing the political and cultural component of bilateral  relations, is to promote economic and scientific cooperation, the  diplomat expressed conviction that the Romanian side might be  interested in establishing cooperation with the Institute of Oriental  Studies Armenia, if we take into account the interest of Romania in  developing relations with the the Middle East.

In turn, Director of the Caucasus Institute, political scientist  Alexander Iskandaryan expressed his conviction that Armenia would  positively study the experience of Romania. "Our countries are very  similar.  Romania also like Armenia is a post-Soviet country, the  former regime in this country was quite tough before the shift. At  the same time, we have many differences, Romania has passed a quite  serious path in these 25 years, it is a member of NATO and the  European Union. We need to explore the path that Romania has taken,  because maybe this is the path that we will take in the future,  starting from the fight against corruption, "the political scientist  concluded.

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