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Ani Mshetsyan

"Heritage": It is impossible to build a new Armenia, if the old laws  are in force in the country

"Heritage": It is impossible to build a new Armenia, if the old laws  are in force in the country

ArmInfo. The judicial system of Armenia, which, according to the Constitution, is the guarantor of justice in the Republic of Armenia, was transformed into an appendage  of the legislative and executive authorities as a result of the  consistent policy of the previous authorities. This is stated in the  statement of the "Heritage" party.

According to the statement, it is precisely because of this that the  real people responsible for the events of March 1, 2008 still remain  unpunished, the initiators of falsifications of various national  elections, and corrupt officials have remained unpunished.

"After the revolution of 2018, political forces and citizens of the  country expected systemic institutional changes on the part of the  authorities. The Heritage Party is confident that such changes should  be made not based on short-term needs, as representatives of the new  government do, but consistently on the basis of fundamental  legislative reforms", the statement reads.

Further, the authors notice that the Constitution, adopted as a  result of an illegitimate referendum, still operates in Armenia. In  this regard, the party demands that the authorities begin a process  of constitutional reform with the participation of a wide range of  extra-parliamentary political forces and the public.  According to  representatives of the party, the current Constitution does not  provide a real separation of branches of government.

"The steps implemented earlier show that it is impossible to build a  new Armenia if the old laws are in force in the country," the  statement says.

According to the party, parliamentarians and representatives of local  governments elected from within the framework of the current  Electoral Code periodically create obstacles to the development of  democracy.  "Changing individuals cannot lead to fundamental changes  in the judicial system. The Heritage Party is ready to become a  participant and initiator of the reform process of the basic law,  which will serve the interests of our state and citizens," the  statement said.

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