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Naira Badalian

Nikol Pashinyan: Armenia is a pacifist country, armed forces of which  are the main guarantor of peace 

Nikol Pashinyan: Armenia is a pacifist country, armed forces of which  are the main guarantor of peace 

ArmInfo. The professional activity of an officer requires concentration of intellectual, moral and psychological strength. This opinion was expressed by the Prime  Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan in the administrative complex of  the Ministry of Defense of Armenia on July 22, where the ceremony of  awarding diplomas to graduates of military schools takes place.

According to the Prime Minister, today's event symbolizes the  generation change in the Armed Forces of Armenia. "Today people are  present here, who were at the origins of the liberation of Artsakh,  officers of high rank who carried out an impressive service in the RA  Armed Forces. There are also graduates who receive the officer's  first rank," he explained.

According to the head of government, the title of officer requires  great will, since it involves a great deal of responsibility and the  ability to unconditionally execute orders. To be an officer, he said,  also means sometimes to proceed with the implementation of such  orders, which do not always guarantee a return trip home. It is also  the ability to be a competent commander who is able to give orders  aimed at protecting the interests of the country he serves.  The  Prime Minister of Armenia emphasized the presence of women in the  ranks of graduates of military schools, which is an indication of the  transformation in Armenian society, where, in fact, women have great  potential.

The head of the Armenian government wished graduates of general's  stars, which would be the result of assessing their merits in the  service, rather than having "good friends and acquaintances." As the  prime minister pointed out, Armenia is a pacifist country, in which  the armed forces are the main guarantor of peace. Pashinyan recalled  the words of the Chinese sages, who said that "talented generals win  without war." "We need just such a world, state and society, where  all potential adversaries would know that they should not fight with  us," Nikol Pashinyan concluded.

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