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In Beirut, viewing of "Cilicia: The Land of Lions" historical  trilogy  was hold with great success 

In Beirut, viewing of "Cilicia: The Land of Lions" historical  trilogy  was hold with great success 

ArmInfo. In Beirut on July 17,the viewing of  "Cilicia: The Land of Lions" historical trilogywas hold with great success  . The press secretary of the event told ArmInfo.

Members of the Lebanese government, deputies, representatives of the  Armenian community, intellectuals, cultural figures and media  attended the event. The event was held with the support of the  Founder of KOHAR symphony orchestra, philanthropist Harout  Khatchadourian.

 KOHAR has always been devoted to the promulgation of the Armenian  cultural heritage, and this cinematographic work aims to disseminate  the untold story of the Glorious Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.

"This initiative aims to preserve the idea that we are descendants of  a powerful and proud kingdom of generations. These films represent  the history of Cilicia, and they will have a big impact on Lebanese  Armenians and Armenians all over the world,"  Harout Khatchadourian  said.

The trilogy present to the viewer three generations of Cilician kings  dynasties. We also note that the film- essays were shot with the  assistance of the Armenian company Domino Production. Equipped with  innovative historical genres, this project is one of the first of its  kind in the Armenian market.

"Our goal was to create a high-quality film that will take its place  in the modern world of film production and make Armenia a  recognizable country with great development potential in this field.  All filming was carried out in Armenia, starting with spectacular  scenes on the battlefield, ending with sea battles were conducted on  the ship "Cilicia", - the director Ashot Arakelyan underlined.

Historical accuracy is preserved in the essay films, but to ensure  the artistic and dramatic part there are historical episodes that  were presented in the creative approach of the director.

The main condition for choosing the cast was not the participation of  famous actors, but the attraction of professional and charismatic  images.

When shooting films, essays, the creative team used archival  historical materials, in collaboration with the historian. The  creative team sought to preserve and convey the spirit of the period  to the audience as accurately as possible.

A kind of drama for movies is also given by music specially written  for films performed by the symphony orchestra and the KOHAR choir.  Formed during the period when the Armenian people lost their  statehood, an Armenian principality was created on the shores of the  Mediterranean in Cilicia, which for three centuries was able to  maintain its independence and create a powerful state.

The first mood reel introduces the first part (1080-1198) of the  three-century-old history of Cilicia, from the founding of a  princedom in the 11th century to the rule of one of the greatest  Armenian royals - King Levon the Roupenid - to Cilicia's  participation in the Crusades and the establishment of the Cilician  Kingdom.

The second mood reel refers to the historical events taking place in  the 13th century, providing an insight into the relationship among  the nobles and the change in the royal dynasties from Roupenids to  Hetoumids, with  Queen Zabel I, marrying her regent, Constantine of  Baberon's son: the founder of Hetoumids' dynasty - King Hetoum I.

The third and the last of the mood reel trilogy presents the final  years of the Kingdom (1219- 1375) beginning with the reign of King  Levon III, when Cilicia was torn apart from all four sides of the  kingdom, to King Levon V, the last king who came from the Lusignan  dynasty; his burial is depicted in the last scene of the mood reel.

This is the first and the only cinematographic work that narrates the  history of Cilicia and has an ambitious aim to be presented in the  international film market.

The grand premiere of "Cilicia: The Land of Lions" mood reel trilogy  will take place in Armenia in the near future.

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