Wednesday, July 17 2019 12:30
Alexandr Avanesov

IC of Armenia explained reasons for visit to "Amulsar "on cars of  Lydian Armenia 

IC of Armenia explained reasons for visit to "Amulsar "on cars of  Lydian Armenia 

ArmInfo. Information presented by various individuals in recent days that investigators and experts of the Investigative Committee (IC) of the Republic of Armenia visited the  Amulsar Gold Mine on June 13 in cars owned by Lydian Armenia, aims to  question both the multilateral investigation of this case and its  objectivity and fullness. This is stated in the explanations of the  Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia.

According to the source, investigators and experts carrying out  investigative measures, when entering the Amulsar field, always  followed the relevant instructions after receiving a protective form  of safety. As for arriving at the Mine on cars of Lydian Armenia,  then, as noted in the Investigative Committee of the Republic of  Armenia, the Mine can be reached by special vehicles, the purpose of  which is again to ensure the safety of a group of experts, and such  equipment was provided by the company upon request leading the  investigation. From various persons, comments are voiced that the  expert group should enter the mine without employees of Lydian  Armenia. In this regard, the body conducting the case declares that  it itself determines the circle of participants in the process, based  on the principle of multilateralism, completeness and objectivity of  the criminal case.

Yesterday, ArmInfo citing Lydian Armenia's statement reported ,on  July 15, the Investigation Committee of Armenia informed the Lydian  Armenia Company about the start of investigative measures with the  participation of experts at the Amulsar Gold Mine. This is stated in  the company's statement.  According to the source, Lydian Armenia did  not initiate this visit, during which two experts of the company  accompanied the investigators of the Investigative Committee.  However, a group of demonstrators who were blocking roads leading to  the field during the year prevented the beginning of the work of  investigators into Amulsar's territory, without obeying police  demands. This, according to the statement, once again indicates the  extent of the ongoing illegal actions around the Amulsar project. "A  group of demonstrators, which, in our conviction, does not represent  the views of the community, has been carrying out unpunished actions  for more than a year, attempting to curtail the largest international  investment program in Armenia. They tried to prevent the  investigative measures initiated by the Investigative Committee of  the Republic of Armenia, "the Lydian Armenia statement reads."

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