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Alexandr Avanesov

Ecologist: On the issue of Sevan, it is necessary from words proceed  to action

Ecologist: On the issue of Sevan, it is necessary from words proceed  to action

ArmInfo.The civil society has been talking about the problem of Sevan for many years, and today urgent steps need to be taken to save it. Inga Zarafyan, president of   "EcoLur" Informational NGO  reported this on July 16 at the press  conference in Yerevan.

In her opinion, the responsibility for the situation on the lake lies with the government of the country. The ecologist emphasized that the level of Sevan should not be lower than  1905 meters so that the lake could form a protective layer, due to  which the appearance of algae and the risks of waterlogging are  prevented. "We have already sent a letter to Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan with an appeal to mobilize the people to solve the problem  of Sevan," she added.

Inga Zarafyan also pointed out the presence of buildings on the Sevan  coast, including illegal ones, which should be checked and made  decisions. When the level rises to the required 1905 meters, 4729  buildings may be under water. <It is obvious that in some restaurants  it is served, for example, whitefish, and in large numbers, but for  some reason the relevant government departments turn a blind eye to  this. Back in 2007- 2008, it was decided to start dismantling some  objects, but so far nothing has been done. In addition, roads and  high-voltage lines may also be under water. We have raised all these  questions since 2001, but so far there is no solution, "the ecologist  concluded.

She explained that small Sevan is already swamping, and the  statements that the lake is self-cleaning, do not correspond to  reality, since algae, as well as other substances, simply settle and  sooner or later rise again. "The authorities need to show political  will, conduct a comprehensive study, assess risks, carry out  cartographic work. Without this, it is impossible to say exactly what  is happening and, most importantly, it is important to determine the  directions of work. For now, we see that there are bills on Sevan in  parliament, but there are no actions, there are only some appeals,  "Inga Zarafyan added.

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