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Alexandr Avanesov

Prosecutor General`s Office: Since the beginning of 2019, 29 cases of  deaths of servicemen have been recorded in the Armenian armed forces

Prosecutor General`s Office: Since the beginning of 2019, 29 cases of  deaths of servicemen have been recorded in the Armenian armed forces

ArmInfo.In the first half of 2019, 29 cases of deaths of servicemen were recorded in the Armenian armed forces. The adviser on media relations of the RA Prosecutor  General Gor Abrahamyan wrote about this on his Faccebook page.

According to his notes, the data were made public due to the interest  of the society, human rights defenders and the media, as well as the  regularity of the information requested from the RA Prosecutor  General's Office. As Gor Abrahamyan notes, 8 out of 29 deaths were  conscript soldiers, 13 -contract soldiers, 3- warrant officers and 5  officers. Of the 29 cases, 11 are related to military service, and 18  occured in other circumstances not related to service in the Armed  Forces.

The data for the first half of this year show a decrease in the  number of deaths of military personnel. Thus, in the first six months  of 2018 31 deaths were reported, of which 19  related to the service,  12 occurred in other circumstances. Thus, as noted by Gor Abrahamyan,  deaths related to military service decreased by 42% (by 8 cases), and  not related - increased by 50% (by 6 cases).

During the first six months of this year deaths related to military  service were mainly driven by a number of factors: as a result of  killing by the enemy 2 people died, 3 people committed suicide or  were brought to suicide, 3 were killed, 1died from the disease, 1died  from an accident case, 1 soldier died as a result of a car accident  associated with the service.

Last year, in the same period of time, as a result of killing by the  enemy, 5 people died, 6 people committed suicide or were brought to  suicide , 1 soldier died because of a violation of the rules of using  weapons,  and one person died from the disease. Another person died  as a result of a mine explosion,1 person was murdered, 1 died an  accident and a car accident in connection with the military service.  The causes of death not related to military service in 2019 were as  follows: automobile accidents not related to military service (10  dead), illness (7 dead), suicide or bringing to suicide (1 dead). In  the first half of 2018, the causes were related to car accidents, not  related to military service (6 dead), diseases (5 dead) and accidents  (1 dead).  Gor Abrahamyan also stressed that earlier the Vanadzor  office of the Helsinki Civil Assembly published a report on deaths in  the Armed Forces, where the Prosecutor General's Office of Armenia  was indicated as the official source of the data. However, the  Prosecutor General's Office has not yet provided anyone with full  information for the half year.

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