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Ani Mshetsyan

According to the survey, television is the most popular source of  information in Armenia 

According to the survey, television is the most popular source of  information in Armenia 

ArmInfo.The International Republican Institute conducted a survey among 1200 residents of Armenia in order to find out what changes have occurred in the minds  of people after October 2018.

The survey participants evaluated the work of the political,  financial, economic sectors, as well as the work of the fields of  foreign policy, institutional authority, media independence, etc. The  survey was conducted from May 6-31, 2019.

Through several individual questions, the current situation in the  media was surveyed. According to 69% of respondents the media in  Armenia over the past six months has become more independent, while  5%, on the contrary, recorded a decline in independence.

74% of respondents are convinced that there is progress in the area  of freedom of speech, while 18% considered that the situation has not  moved from a dead center, and another 6% believe that freedom of  speech has, on the contrary, become more limited.

When asked from what sources they receive political information, 81%  of respondents said that they receive information through television,  61% also from social networks, 30% through relatives and friends, 27%  consider Russian television as their source of information, and only  15% noted the debate. While in October 2018, 66% of survey  participants noted that their source of political information is  online media.  Within six months, this figure fell to 14%.

According to 54% of survey participants, television talk shows are  the most influential campaign format, 50% mentioned social networks,  40% - debates, and another 40% consider television advertising as the  most successful method of electoral campaign. To get political  information, the majority of respondents, in particular, 62% watch  the Shant TV channel, 52% - Public Television, the top three are  closed by Armenia TV channel, which is watched by 48% of the  respondents. Also, the majority of respondents believe that the  majority of Armenian media can freely express different political  points of view.

The most popular news websites were Azatutyun (36%), (35%),  and (18%). The leader in social networks is Facebook (83%),  followed by Youtube (46%) and Instagram (26%). 2% of respondents use  Twitter, and finally 1% use Telegram.

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