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Ministry of Healthcare briefs on free medical care for children under  18 years old

Ministry of Healthcare briefs on free medical care for children under  18 years old

ArmInfo. The Ministry of Healthcare  of Armenia provided more detailed information to citizens in  connection with the introduction of free medical care for children  under 18.

''One of the changes made to the government's decision 'About free  and preferential medical care and services for children under 18  years old' concerns the organization of hospital medical care for  citizens under 18 years old, "the report reads.

As the Ministry explains, this step expanded hospital medical care  for children under 18 years old (regardless of social status).

''As for the outpatient medical aid, special and difficult-to-reach  diagnostic tests included in the list approved by order of the  Minister of Health of Armenia No. 53-N dated September 20, 2013, are  carried out as part of the state order in those medical organizations  with which the state order agreement was concluded'', the document  notes.

According to the Ministry of Healthcare, not only the age group of  children receiving medical services under the state order has  expanded, but also types of medical care, including some hospital  medical services using the latest and most expensive technologies  that were previously provided to the above groups for a fee.

In particular, endovascular treatment of vascular diseases of the  brain, endovascular and open heart and aorta operations, arthroscopic  interventions, metal structures used in trauma surgeries, crushing of  kidney stones (lithotripsy), etc. are noted.

It should be noted that these changes do not concern the services of  dental medical care and laboratory and instrumental studies and  consultations in specialized medical centers (hospitals) in order to  clarify the diagnosis.  The abovementioned services continue to be  valid for children under the age of 7, as well as for children aged  7-18 years included in special groups.

Planned hospital medical care for children under 18 years of age  within the framework of a state order, special and  difficult-to-access diagnostic studies carried out in the community  form, and laboratory and instrumental examinations conducted in  specialized medical centers (hospitals) to clarify the diagnosis are  carried out on the basis of vouchers issued by medical organizations  of primary care of children's health.  For complaints, questions,  clarifications and information about medical care and child care,  citizens can contact the State Health Agency of the RA Ministry of  Healthcare by calling (060) 80 80 02, (010) 65 47 11.  The hotline of  the RA Ministry of Healthcare is also available by calling (010) 52  88 72 or 8003.

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