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Alexandr Avanesov

Deputy Minister: The well-being and development of Armenia largely  depends on the well-being and development of neighbouring states

Deputy Minister: The well-being and development of Armenia largely  depends on the well-being and development of neighbouring states

ArmInfo. The first investment  forum "10 years after Prague" is held in the Georgian resort town of  Batumi as part of the Eastern Partnership program of the European  Union. The delegation of Armenia, headed by Deputy Minister of  Economy Avag Avanesyan, takes part in the forum.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Economy of the  Republic of Armenia, the purpose of the forum is to create an  effective platform for cooperation between entrepreneurs of the  Eastern Partnership countries, assistance in the implementation of  investment programs, especially in the areas of infrastructure,  energy, agriculture and industry.

Representatives of the Armenian delegation at various sites of panel  discussions presented the investment potential of Armenia and  investment programs. In particular, Deputy Minister of Economy Avag  Avanesyan noted that the well-being and development of the Republic  of Armenia largely depends on the well-being and development of  neighboring states. The economic development of the country in  Armenia is seen in the export to the world markets of competitive  engineering and technological solutions, examples of which are TUMO  and Armath.

The Deputy Minister of Economy added that there are more than 250  "Armath" engineering laboratories in Armenia, in which more than  6,500 children receive free engineering education. The Deputy  Minister also touched upon the EU program "Innovations in Armenia" in  cooperation with TUMO to support students studying in such  disciplines as technology, mathematics and other fields of science in  order to gain practical experience in their field of knowledge. The  conference participants noted the work done in the direction of TUMO,  emphasizing that it can be an example of good practice for the  Eastern Partnership countries.

Avag Avanesyan also presented EU-funded assistance programs in  Armenia that influence the economic development of the country, the  availability of markets, the investment and business environment, as  well as the development of small and medium-sized businesses. He also  stressed the importance of deepening cooperation between the Eastern  Partnership member states and expanding trade and economic ties,  which will help improve the investment environment in the countries  and increase investment and economic integration.

The investment forum dedicated to the Eastern Partnership Decade was  organized jointly by the EU Commission and the Government of Georgia.  The conference was attended by representatives of governments and  business circles of the Eastern Partnership countries, as well as  senior officials from the EU, EU member states and international  organizations.

The event was also attended by President of the EU Council Donald  Tusk, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, representatives of  the ministries of economy of the Eastern Partnership countries.

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