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Karine Melikyan

Ameriabank wins Euromoney Award for Excellence 2019 for the 7th time  as the Best Bank of the Year in Armenia

Ameriabank wins Euromoney Award for Excellence 2019 for the 7th time  as the Best Bank of the Year in Armenia

ArmInfo.Ameriabank will be awarded the Euromoney award for the seventh time - this time "Excellence 2019" as the best bank of the year in Armenia. As the  press service of Ameriabank told ArmInfo, the award ceremony took  place on July 10 in London and became the 27th in a row. The award  was presented to representative of Ameribank Armen Aslanyan.

In the 50th anniversary year of Euromoney, which was marked on July  10th by 500 bankers from around the world, banks based on emerging  markets had a greater impact on rewards than ever before. The  decision of the jury was preceded by annual independent monitoring.  British analysts tracked the financial performance of banks, their  effectiveness, the growth of market share, customer attitudes, and at  the same time the speed of development and implementation of  innovative products.

The Euromoney prize "The Best Bank of the World in 2019" was awarded  to the Singapore DBS Bank. The prize "The Best Investment Bank of the  World in 2019" was awarded to JPMorgan. The executive director of the  Austrian Erste Group, Andreas Treyl, was named Euromoney Banker of  the Year. BNP Paribas awarded the prize "The Best Bank in the World  for Corporate Responsibility", HSBC - "The Best Bank in the World in  Sustainable Finance", BBVA - "The Best Bank in the World in Financial  Integration", Bank of America - for the second year in a row retains  the title of "Best Bank in the world for diversity and integration ",  Turkish Akbank. 

- "The best digital bank in the world." Abu Dhabi, the first bank in  the UAE, was named the Best Transformation Bank for successfully  completing its merger. Brazilian BTG Pactual was awarded the prize  "Best Investment Bank in Emerging Markets, and Bank of China won the  award" Best Bank in Emerging Markets. "

The winners were also: Citi - "The best bank in the world for  transactions and services" and "The best bank in the world for legal  entities"; Morgan Stanley - "The best bank in the world in terms of  markets and financial institutions"; HSBC is the World's Best Bank  for SMEs and the Best Bank for Public Sector Customers. Lazard,  having overcome the challenge of its larger competitors on Wall  Street, was named "The Best Bank in the World for Counseling", and  Credit Suisse was awarded the prize "The Best Bank of the World in  Capital Management". Euromoney also awarded regional and country  awards to banks from North America, Latin America, Western Europe,  Central and Eastern Europe and Africa. Top banks in each region  include: Nigerian Guaranty Trust Bank (Africa), Belgian KBC (Western  Europe), Santander Brasil (Latin America) and Raiffeisen Bank  International (Central and Eastern Europe).  To note, prior to this,  the "Excellence" award was awarded to Ameriabank by Euromoney in  Armenia in 2011, 2012, and since 2014 annually. Ameriabank CJSC is a  universal bank providing investment, corporate and retail banking  services in the form of a comprehensive package of banking solutions.   Ameriabank retains leadership in the banking market of Armenia by  main indicators. The shareholders of the bank on April 1, 2019 are  the Ameria Group CY Ltd. - 56.6%, EBRD - 17.8%, Asian Development  Bank - 13.98%, ESPS Holding Limited - 11.62%.

Recall that the magazine Euromoney has been published in London since  1969 and is considered one of the most respected business  publications in the world. Every year he chooses the best  organizations in the field of finance and investment. The winners are  determined in three stages: first, the annual reports are studied,  then the partners of the bank are interviewed at home and abroad,  after which the experts make assessments. Not only financial  indicators are important, but also the professionalism of management  and staff, transparency of transactions, etc. The best banks in the  world, the British magazine Euromoney annually finds in 100 countries  - from Argentina to Norway. The Euromoney Award for Excellence has  great prestige - a kind of financial <Oscar>. The prestigious annual  award is awarded on the basis of an analysis of the activities of  candidates (banks, brokerage and dealer companies) conducted by  Euromoney financial analysts in more than 100 countries for 27 years  in a row. The Excellence Award includes 20 nominations for the  banking sector and the capital market. 

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