Thursday, July 11 2019 16:58
Ani Mshetsyan

Anush Begloyan: We expressed our concern to representatives of Poland  MFA over statement of Minister Jacek Czaputowicz in Baku

Anush Begloyan: We expressed our concern to representatives of Poland  MFA over statement of Minister Jacek Czaputowicz in Baku

ArmInfo. Members of the Armenia-Poland Friendship Group during their visit and meetings in Warsaw expressed their concern over the statement by the Foreign  Minister of this country, Jacek Czaputowicz in Baku, about  recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.  The member of  the Armenian delegation Anush Begloyan stated this at a press  conference.

"This statement caused our concern, because against the background of  the mention of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, he did not  say a word about the people's right to self-determination. We  conveyed our concern to the staff of the Polish Foreign Ministry, who  promised to continue to be more constructive in their statements,"  the MP stressed. 

In the incident, Begloyan blamed the Armenian parliamentary  diplomacy, which, by its definition, is at a low level. "During the  joint meetings of our friendship group, the impression was that the  Poles did not realize that a revolution had taken place in Armenia  and continue to see us as people who have direct ties with the former  authorities," the MP said. She noted henceforth Armenian  parliamentarians intend to activate parliamentary diplomacy and move  more actively towards the development of relations with the EU  countries.

According to Begloyan, during the joint meetings, the sides discussed  bilateral relations between Armenia and Poland, as well as Armenia  and the EU. "In particular, the topics of visa liberalization were  raised and the Karabakh issue. The Poles took an active interest in  the situation in the region. We also told them in detail about the  internal political events in Armenia. The Polish side presented its  approaches to the development of bilateral relations", the MP  stressed.

Referring to the liberalization of the visa regime with the EU, the  MP stressed that it is definitely not worth expecting this in 2020.  "Don't bank on it, because the world is changing, changes are also  taking place in Europe, and the view that the visa regime will be  liberalized immediately after the signing of the Comprehensive and  Enhanced Partnership Agreement, however, we are not working in this  direction, both at the level of parliamentary diplomacy and at the  level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. I think,  nevertheless, in the near future we will achieve progress in this  matter, "the MP stressed.

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