Thursday, July 11 2019 16:57
Alexandr Avanesov

Minister: Lake Sevan level increased by 1 cm, and the process of  "flowering" slowed down

Minister: Lake Sevan level increased by 1 cm, and the process of  "flowering" slowed down

ArmInfo. The level of Lake Sevan  in Armenia increased by 1 cm.  On this July 11, at a press conference  in Yerevan, Minister of the Environment Eric Grigoryan stated.

According to him, if we compare the period from July 11 of last year  to July 11, 2019, the level of the mirror of the mountain pearl of  Armenia increased. At the same time, there is a tendency to slow down  the "flowering of the lake." In connection with the increase in the  level of the lake one of the most important tasks, according to the  minister, should be the cleaning of the coastal territory. In the  next two years, it is planned to clear 770 hectares of territory.  There is a conclusion for 2012, according to which it was planned to  carry out work on the territory of 700 hectares, but the work was not  carried out. For example, in Vardenis only 30% of the work was done,  the same situation in Artanish. At the same time, the stumps of trees  remained in the water. "That is, the state allocated money, but the  work was done at an unsatisfactory level," Grigoryan explained,  adding that all data for 2011-2017 were transferred to the Prosecutor  General's Office. In general, for the actions of recent years in the  state non-profit organization Sevan National Park "about 50 criminal  cases were initiated. According to the minister, investigations are  underway, a criminal case has been initiated regarding violations  identified during the construction of the Arpa-Sevan tunnel, as well  as against the water users association in communication increased  water demand and forged documents.

Eric Grigoryan reminded that in three cities - Martuni, Vardenis and  Gavar there are mechanical sewage treatment plants. The government  has submitted a proposal to understand how much money will be  required for the installation of a biological treatment plant in  these three cities. "Currently, studies are being conducted to clean  up the river. There is an agreement with the Prime Minister's office  to calculate the costs. After that, we'll get the money," the  minister said, adding that 888 million drams will be needed for the  construction of treatment plants in Martuni and Vardenis, Gavar - 1  billion 186 million drams.

"We are working with German research institutes and UNESCO to close  abandoned tailing dumps, the number of which in Armenia is 50. We  receive from the EU funding in the amount of 5 billion drams for  those tailings that have already been studied. And these works will  be completely different from it was before, and it will not be the  mere dumping of garbage with earth, it is also necessary to  understand how cattle breeding in the territory enclosing Sevan  affects the lake's ecosystem. In addition, work is being done with  restaurant complexes to minimize acce waste, "- said Eric Grigorian.  The minister added that the cleaning works could last 1 to 2 years,  and raising the water level in Sevan to 1901 meters will also take  two years. 

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