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Tatevik Shahunyan

Edmon Marukyan harshly criticized the working methods of Pashinyan`s  cabinet

Edmon Marukyan harshly criticized the working methods of Pashinyan`s  cabinet

ArmInfo. Former associate of  Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan within the "Yelq" bloc, the head of  the "Bright Armenia" party Edmon Marukyan sharply criticized the  working methods of Pashinyan's cabinet.

Marukyan, on his Facebook page, in particular, complained that  Pashinyan's cabinet constantly rejects legislative initiatives  submitted by oppositional MPs.

"Thus, this time, our faction presented a package of bills 'On  Amendments to the RA Law on Service in National Security Agencies',  'On Amendments to the RA Law on Police Service', 'On Amendment to the  RA Law on Public Service ' but the government included these drafts  in the list of non-submission documents. That is, the government, in  fact, will not discuss the drafts proposed by us, but will only  automatically approve a negative opinion on them, " Marukyan wrote,  stressing that these legislative initiatives are fully based on the  interests of building a democratic system.  He stressed that he did  not remember a single case, even under the former authorities of the  Republic of Armenia, whenever a draft submitted by a lawmaker or an  entire faction was included in the list of non- submitted documents.

"Such behavior of the Cabinet of Ministers is absolutely unacceptable  and is a dismissive attitude to the" Bright Armenia "faction and to  those 80.000 citizens who voted for it at the parliamentary  elections", Marukyan concluded.

To note, the draft laws developed by Bright Armenia imply raising the  status of the National Security Service and the RA Police to the  level of ministries, which will allow these structures to be removed  from their sole subordination to the Prime Minister and make them  accountable to Parliament. When he was an oppositionist, Pashinyan  himself criticized the fact that these structures were accountable to  the prime minister, believing that this was an example of a  super-premiere system. However, after coming to power, he changed his  approaches, finding it inappropriate to give the status of ministries  to the National Security Service and the Police. Pashinyan explained  this by the fact that in this case the National Security Service and  the Police would be overly politicized, and the security forces  should not interfere in political processes. 

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