Monday, July 8 2019 10:34
David Stepanyan

There are large "laundromats" in Artsakh financing political  processes

There are large "laundromats" in Artsakh financing political  processes

ArmInfo. Large "laundromats"  operate in Artsakh, which today finance political processes,  including the presidential elections expected next year. I am more  than convinced in this, MP of the Artsakh parliament, leader of the  National Revival party Hayk Khanumyan expressed such an opinion to  ArmInfo.

"In particular, the party of the Artsakh former Prime Minister Arayik  Harutyunyan" Free Homeland " has established funds of very dubious  origin, through which it provides loans at low interest rates, sends  citizens on rest to the Black Sea, organizes students' excursions to  Yerevan, etc. Thus, the long-term strengthening of one or two parties  at the expense of state resources continues. We see what these people  are doing to preserve corruption mechanisms, "he said.

Nevertheless, despite the unequal conditions with the pro-government  candidates, the Artsakh opposition, according to Khanumyan, also has  a chance to win the upcoming elections, especially given the public  demand for change. According to him, "National Revival" decided to  nominate its own candidate in elections.

According to the parliamentarian, the former authorities of Armenia  and Serzh Sargsyan in particular, still have considerable influence  in Artsakh. Moreover, the team of incumbent President Bako Sahakyan  today follows Sargsyan's orders, since it has always been a top-down  appendage of the Armenian authorities. In this light, Khanumyan is  convinced that not only Bako Sahakyan, but also Arayik Harutyunyan  will continue to serve  Serzh Sargsyan's interests in Artsakh.

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