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Naira Badalian

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund for 27 years invested $ 370 million in the development of Armenia

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund for 27 years invested $ 370 million in the   development of Armenia

ArmInfo.The 2018 was full of events in the life of the Armenian people. A lot has changed in the country, the "Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund did not stand aside either - it was decided to review the Fund's activities, approaches and work out a strategy. On June 18 Executive Director of Hayastan All Armenian Fund Haykak Arshamyan announced this on the margins of the 28th joint meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Fund and local bodies. According to him, it is difficult to overestimate the role of the Fund in the state building of Armenia and Artsakh over the past 28 years.

During the reporting period, the Fund implemented thousands and thousands of projects in various fields, ranging from road construction programs to construction of schools, projects in the field of healthcare and alternative energy. "During this period, in digital terms, about $ 370 million was invested in the development of Armenia," he said. Despite the reputational losses in 2018, the number of people participating in the annual telethon and donors increased by 20%. Thus, Arshamyan noted, as a result of the telethon -2018, by the end of the year about $ 16 million was promised, today more than 2 billion drams have been received. Arshamyan hopes that the rest of the amount will go before the next telethon. Speaking about the telethon, Haykak Arshamyan admitted that its format has not yet been definitively defined. , the Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees headed by the current President of the country. The Council also includes the Catholicos of All Armenians, the Catholicos of Cilicia, the Catholicos Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic Church, a representative of the Armenian Evangelical Church, the President of the NKR, the Prime Ministers of the Republic of Armenia and the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia and the Central Bank of Armenia, heads of three traditional parties, large charitable organizations: the Union of Assistance to Armenians and the Union of Armenian Charitable Organizations and the leaders of the Armenian Congress of America, as well as well-known philanthropists from the Diaspo Ors, prominent figures from Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora. 22 branches operating in 19 countries of the world take an active part in the activities of the Fund. Branches are located in the USA: in Los Angeles and New York, in France, in Canada: in Toronto and Montreal, in Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Lebanon, Australia, Brazil, Argentina: in Buenos Aires and Cordoba, in Greece, in Cyprus, in Syria, Uruguay, in Romania and in Russia. The last six branches opened in 2009-2010. The branches closely cooperate locally with representatives of the Armenian Church, Armenian public and charitable organizations, as well as with well-known Armenian philanthropists and public figures.

The Executive Committee in Yerevan and branches scattered around the world are accountable to the Board of Trustees. The funds of the Foundation are formed at the expense of annual charity telethons, telephone and radio marathons, bicycle marathons held in different countries, as well as funds obtained at charity dinners, concerts and exhibitions. Funds are collected and at the expense of postal and SMS transfers, as well as at the expense of wills left in the name of the Fund and targeted investments.


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