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Alexandr Avanesov

Armenian parliament starts discussing candidacy of Constitutional Court member

Armenian parliament starts discussing candidacy of Constitutional Court member

ArmInfo. On June 18, the National Assembly of Armenia started discussing the candidacy of Vahe Grigoryan for the position of a member of the Constitutional Court of Armenia. In accordance with Part 1 of Article 166 and Article 213 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the President of the Republic of Armenia submitted Vahe Grigoryan's candidacy.

In his speech, the candidate expressed conviction that, as a result of constitutional amendments of December 2015, the country's judicial system could become a real counterweight to the legislative and executive branches of government. Moreover, the two branches of government will not be able to implement a full-fledged policy without a constitutional court. In his opinion, the Constitutional Court is the most criticized in the judicial system of Armenia, and further criticism of the Constitutional Court is the most useless exercise, especially if there is no specific action plan to increase public confidence in the Constitutional Court. The candidate noted that the Constitutional Court is the weakest during the investigation of disputes arising both during and after the elections. "I think that the Constitutional Court has repeatedly refused to conduct systemic trials on post-election disputes," Grigoryan said.

Presenting his vision regarding the formation of the Constitutional Court, the candidate said that representatives of different segments should participate in this matter. "I am deeply convinced that one of the three candidates nominated by the President of Armenia should be nominated from Armenia, the other from Karabakh and the third from the Diaspora (according to the Constitution, only citizens of Armenia can be members of the Constitutional courts, or the courts of any level-ed. note). The Constitutional Court can and should become a unifying body. And there is nothing unreal in achieving this, "Vahe Grigoryan is convinced.

It should be noted that earlier the country's parliament four times failed to vote on previously submitted candidates.

Speaking to journalists on June 18, the leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party and the faction Gagik Tsarukyan noted that the faction will vote on the nominated member of the Constitutional Court in a free mode. "Since last time, when Vahe Grigoryan's candidacy was also nominated, we gave everyone freedom, today we decided to do the same thing in our faction. Everyone will vote at their discretion, as they wish," Tsarukyan said.

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