Thursday, June 13 2019 16:09
Tatevik Shahunyan

Pashinyan demanded 650 thousand drams from Kocharyan as compensation

Pashinyan demanded 650 thousand drams from Kocharyan as compensation


ArmInfo.The lawyer of the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan Hayk Alumyan today at the court session of the court of general jurisdiction of Yerevan completely abandoned the civil lawsuit against Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, obliging him to bring a public apology.

Despite this, Pashinyan's lawyer Gevorg Gyozalyan filed a complaint with the claimant for compensation in the amount of 650 thousand drams: "Kocharyan's defense was initially aware of the senselessness of his lawsuit, meanwhile, my client suffered financial losses by paying lawyers. Everyone knows that the only source my client's income is his salary, and in order to prevent further unreasonable lawsuits against him, we intend to get compensation this time, "said in an interview with journalists after a court session Gyozalyan. Meanwhile, the representative of Kocharyan Hayk Alumyan said that this amount is not reasonable. "The lawsuit on the claim did not take place. If this trial had taken place and lasted a long time, I myself would have presented a claim for compensation for expenses, and that would be appropriate." The court will announce a decision on this issue on June 24. To recall, the representative of the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, Hayk Alumyan, filed a lawsuit in court, the subject of which was to oblige the respondent Nikol Pashinyan to make a public apology for the following statement: >.

At yesterday's court session, Nikol Pashinyan's representative, lawyer Gevorg Gyozalyan, assured that Nikol Pashinyan's statements were not addressed to Robert Kocharyan: . Therefore, Kocharyan's defense in court refused the lawsuit.

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