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Asya Balayan

Robert Kocharyan to his supporters: "I didn`t think that I will face  so many events``

Robert Kocharyan to his supporters: "I didn`t think that I will face  so many events``

ArmInfo.Second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan at the hotel Congress delivered a speech in front of his supporters, stating that his team is going to face a serious struggle and new victories.

To note, Robert Kocharyan, accused of treason and bribery was was  released from custody on May 18 by the court of general jurisdiction  of Yerevan under guarantee of the former and current presidents of  Artsakh Arkadiy Ghukasyan and Bako Sahakyan.

In his speech, Kocharyan, in particular, noted that 10 years ago,  when he, being president, resigned from his position, it seemed to  him that the main events in his life will remain in the past, and  life will be predictable and calm.

"But I was mistaken. It also seemed to me that all the challenges of  my life, possible and impossible, too, are in the past, but again I  was mistaken.  A prison deprives you of freedom, but only freedom in  the physical sense. And no prison can restrict you from the free will  of your mind ", Kocharyan told those present.

According to Kocharyan, a very serious motive is being created for  "fight and move forward."

"And I am glad that I will not lead this fight alone. There is a very  active and interesting team, with whom the progress and new victories  will be a descriptive condition of this path. Honestly, a year ago I  did not think that I will face so many events ahead of me. We will  fight together. By the way it happened by chance that this meeting  took place on the day of first independence of Armenia, it carries a  very good and interesting symbolism ", Kocharyan noted.


МНОГОлетняя деятельность Р..Кочаряна ознаменовалась растратой народного добра. Страна лишилась и «обременительного» золотого запаса. Благополучнее страна не стала. Ожидаемого улучшения в решении карабахской проблемы не наступило. Отсутствие ответственности, правосудия, ставшее традиционным, ухудшало ситуацию в стране. P.S. Почему бы Р. Кочаряну не преподнести музею “Природы” в подарок шкуру убитого им на охоте зверя.

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